Moviehole MailBag – 1/2/06


Episode : “The One with the Buffy Befuddle”

Want Clint to answer your question? You could try blackmailing him into threatening to reveal his love of “Mannequin 2 : On the Movie” to the world, or, you could simply email him here.

Q.G’day Clint, Just wondering if you know of any news regarding “Mad Max 4”? Haven’t been told much about this film at all… – Eric
A. You didn’t hear? “The Passion of the Road Warrior” is in the works for a 2007 release, fully financed by the Vatican. In all serious, don’t hold your breath for this one mate….George Miller’s still keen, Gibbo’s not. Maybe George will have to retool his script to fit a direct-to-video Japanese anime version?

Q. Thurs. Feb 2nd, a “Buffy” special on the Biography channel? Not according to the website or my local listings. – John
A. Check Australia’s Biography channel listings and you’ll find I’m right. Will record it for you and ship it over – be standing on the arrival dock in three months time.

Q. I recently watched Wes Craven’s “Red Eye” and thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to somehow get a message to Wes Craven to inform him that I very seriously feel he would be perfect to make a movie based on Steven King’s short story “Durango”. It takes only a couple of hours to read this story. Once one reads this intriguing King short story, it is obvious that the story has all of the ingredients for a Wes Craven movie hit. Somehow, please get this message to him. – William
A. Please stand by for my Craven……(people, picture William on the phone waiting for a voice then…wham….a giant tongue comes out of the receiver and licks his cheek). Can’t be of much help there – but didn’t they already make that movie? With Kevin Costner? Oh, that was “Fandango”…same dif.

Q. The review by Paul Fischer for the ridiculous film LIQUID BRIDGE is an insult to any thinking knowledgeable moviegoer. Fischer must be under some serious threat from hack Director Phil Avalon for him to give such a glowing and dishonest review for this embarrassing amateurish failure of a cinematic travesty. Your website ruins it’s credibility seriously with Fischer’s blatantly fawning review for a terrible film. How do I know? I was the cinema distributor for this crap and tolerated Avalon’s delusions to breaking point. Cinemas and audiences hated it. – Paul
A. Paul, you got fan-mail!

Q. Hi, Variety recently announced that there is going to be another “Friday the 13th”. Do you know anything about it? Also what’s the deal with a new “Freddy Vs. Jason” and “Halloween 9” as well?- Nathan
A. Nathan. What do I know? Apparently Variety mentioned that another “Friday the 13th” movie is coming. Hope that helps.

Q. Say it isn’t so! Here I am humming a little tune, turn it over to CBS and to my dreadful surprise this new show “Courting Alex” is in “out of practice’s time slot! Did “out of practice” get cancelled?
P.S. Any info on a “Tomb Raider” sequel?
– Nick
A. And you nearly had my respect until you mentioned another “Tomb Raider” sequel (P.S – Yes, you can kiss “Out of Practice” goodbye).

Q.Clint, could Channel Ten be any stupider? They’re pulling off “Veronica Mars” before the season has even finished?– John
A. Um, yes they could. They just announced they’ve programmed “Reunion”, a show that was axed after a handful of episodes and has no ending, into their hot new schedule.

Q. Love the site. “Final Destination 3” looks great, just wondering if any characters from the first two movies are returning, or is it a completely new cast. – Madix
A. Originally I’d heard that Tony Todd was in the new sequel, reprising his role as William Bludworth, but seems he isn’t. So no originals return unfortunately (unless you include Devon ‘one time it boy’ Sawa, who worked as a goffer on the film).

Q. Moviehole I wanted to know when the new adaption is coming to theatres? – Alex
A. Um, what? These questions are getting smarter by the minute.

Q.Is Sylvester Stallone going to do another film with Dolly Parton anytime? – Jill
B. As I was saying….

Q. Hello I love the site, anyways, I wanted to share something with you fans now about “Friday the 13th” film. [It’s] coming out in 2006. Ari Lehman been approached to do the film. We want Ari Lehman involved – Brian
B. Brian, you don’t happen to go by Ari do you?

Q. What are the chances that a “Repo Man” sequel turns into a remake? – Dave
B. What are the chances that neither happen?

Q.Hey what’s up guys, just got a question about the recent Steven Seagal movies that have been out. Up until “Half Past Dead” they have been great, well at least I like them. And that was officially his last movie to hit the theatre. Then he started making movies straight to DVD, and one thing is consistent in all of these movies, SOMEONE ELSE IS HIS VOICE!! Why is it that in some parts it’s his voice, in other parts you can so tell it’s someone else’s voice. Any idea why this is happening and why did he get so fat in the face? – Michael
B. Apparently Debra Winger has a stronger voice, so they’ve been going with her for a while.

Q.heya. ermm what’s happening with “Dr Dolittle 3”? Last I heard it was meant to be a DVD premiere, but now I heard its meant to hit cinemas? There’s even a poster here. That would suggest cinema…Alex
B. Tell me this, would you pay 15 bucks to see John Amos in a “Doctor Dolittle 3”? No, that’s right, and neither will anyone else – therefore, I can guarantee you that “Dr Dolittle 3” will indeed be heading straight to DVD this year. DVD releases spawn posters too….it apparently helps with something called promotion.

Q.You do knoe jack!Adam
A.No I don’t, but I know your Mumma – and she likes it with whipped butter and jelly.

Q.CHOP BIN SYNC is a new ongoing film night is starting at the Hollywood Hotel and will soon be a half hour TV show as well on TVS. It’s called Chop Bin Sync, and they need films from emerging and aspiring filmmakers. They’re excepting short films up to 15minutes long. Chop Bin Sync is a new platform for emerging filmmakers to get their work screened and seen. They want to make the majority of the content Australian, either shown at the Hollywood or on TV, but they need films. So if you have a film send it in.You can download a submission form from and send your film to:
PO Box M137,
Missenden Road,
NSW 2050
Or for further info contact or checkout their website at
A. Get onto it people! You could be the next Paul W.S Anderson!

Q.hey hows it going! Was wondering if there was any news on the progress of the two “Starwars” TV series? And what’s up with “Revenge of the sith” not gettin an Oscar nomination for visual effects? Tom
A. Last I heard those rejected as contestants on The Bigger Loser were auditioning for a new character in the series, Billdinga Hutt. (The members of the Academy are just jealous that they weren’t sent screener tapes of “Caravan of Courage” with the “Sith” discs).

Q. Just thought I’d drop you a line about Scopofile’s latest filmmaking news, was hoping it might be suitable for a mention on Moviehole. One of our recent films, the independent Sci-Fi thriller “Crash Test”, just got picked up for DVD distribution in the States and will be available for purchase as of January 31. The press release is below:
“Following its run on the international horor/sci-fi festival circuit, the Australian indie movie “Crash Test” is getting a US DVD release. Thanks to New York distributor SRS Cinema, “Crash Test” will hit shelves across the USA on January 31st. Included on the DVD are the original 16 mm short film on which the feature is based (made while director Sam Voutas was a student at the Victorian College of the Arts), trailers, a photo gallery and more. “Crash Test” tells the story of a writer who is kidnapped by a car company and transformed into a human crash test dummy.
For those outside the States, “Crash Test” can be pre-purchased from any of the major online retail outlets. Check out for details. ”
Thanks Clint, if you need/want any more details do just holler. All the best for a good start to 2006!
– Melanie
A. Ah, my old pal Melanie! One of the first people to ever employee me in this industry. Consider it mentioned. Consider it pre-purchased by everyone that reads this column. (Well, maybe).

Q.I love Moviehole! You guys are getting so funny…Clint, I like your style, keep up the good workTrish
B.Consider yourself invited to my birthday party.