Gossip Monkey – 2/2/06


This Week : Clooney and Damon eye new Western

Hey Movie Holers, Gossip Monkey here,

I’ve been under the weather the past week. I said that to an Orang-utan buddy of mine and he thought I said; “I’ve been under Heather.” We cackled for quite sometime and finally ended up having a serious discussion on Heather Graham. It was a wonderful moment.

Talking of Heather Graham, Heath Ledger has been nominated for an Academy Award, as the Oscar nominations have been, unlike myself, set free. Who was the leading man in ‘Brokeback Mountain’? I was concentrating more on my banana, when I was watching it, but I seemed to recollect Jake Gyllenhaal being the leading man. I don’t know. Maybe Jake’s a bit of both. A leading man and supporting guy.

Whatever happened to all those rumors on the numerous British James Bond geeksites once stating “He’ll be an Australian! He’ll be Australian!” Hinting towards Heath more than Hugh or Eric and suggesting they’re ‘way in there’ with the Bond Camp’s Casting Peeps.

So, is it our own Rose Byrne or some unfamiliar Russian? Perhaps paychecks for more rewrites and talk of woo-ing back those they dumped have upped the budget and a much more unknown is called for. We can pay you in product placement. How’s that work for you, Olga? Or would it be Thandie for you, Mr. ‘Crash’?

A Little birdie told me

I hear Hugh Grant, who I’m sure at one stage was gonna be the Downey Jr part in ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’. “I wanna get a gun in that guy’s hand” Silver was after him once too. Anyway, I digress. Grant is teaming with the Princess of Professionalism, Drew Barrymore, for a rom com called ‘Music and Lyrics By’, which is about a song writing partnership which blossoms into, well, love actually. Penned by the guy who wrote ‘Two Weeks Notice’, we’ll see it early next year unfortunately.

Love is in the air too for Mr. Cruise. ‘MI3’ has wrapped. (Speaking of which, don’t believe those rumours about Val Kilmer making an appearance as the new head of The Impossible Mission Force and shooting 2 days in Italy on the sequel – I discovered that’s rubbish). Anyway, Cruiser is to do a rom com from those who brought you ‘Serendipity’.

Will George bag the Oscar for best Director? I like George a lot. He’s ace. I’m rooting for him, though King Spielberg does reign supreme and did a brave one with Munich. Does Bana and Craig rock in that film or what? So, George, I hear you’ve had a Western written for you and Mr. Damon. Is it really that time again for Westerns? Ten years pass so quickly nowadays.

With Seagal seeking out a cinematic comeback for “Under Siege 3”, to rival once again the “Die Hard 4.0” will-it-wont-it brigade, his former wife and original Jolie lipped talent of yesteryear, Kelly Le Brock is making a return. Various apes have informed me the ‘Weird Science’ beauty has penned a script and will soon be seen in an indie flick, which may very well give her a Virginia Madsen-esque boost to starring opposite weightier people than Seagal. And by weightier I don’t mean, well, you know.

With ‘Rush Hour’ three fast becoming a ‘we need this now people’ ordeal in la la land. Hmm, get a script first, guys, another Chan The Man Hollywood series has been mentioned. ‘Shanghai Dawn’ was whispered as I swung around some Vines. I didn’t hear Miller or Gough’s name in the sentence either. Are they concentrating on some other double act to be? Hard to imagine these guys not writing it – but not hard to imagine that the studio isn’t at work on a “Shanghai Noon 3”.

I hear that Paramount has once-and-for-all decided not to go ahead with a “Beverly Hills Cop 4”. At one stage Bruckheimer productions were going to dust off Axel Foley – and numerous writers were involved in drafts, including, if I recall correctly, ‘our very own’ Clint Morris – but Eddie Murphy’s demands to ‘tone it down’ this time around – he’s a dad now, ya’ see – and the fact that the last film made empty amounts at the box office have haltered it. Speaking of sucky sequels, Mel Gibson has just turned down an offer to do a “Lethal Weapon 5”. Richard Donner was pretty keen, and Danny Glover was, to some extent too, but Gibson was just plain “uninterested” says one of the monkey’s pals.

Finally, a tragic bit of news. Kevin Sorbo has dropped out of “Walking Tall 2” and “Walking Tall 3”. We know it wasn’t because of ‘fear of typecasting’ that’s for sure.

Speak soon, Monkeys.
Keep safe.