Jolie goes to Wonderland


Angelina teaming with Marilyn Manson?

Angelia Jolie is in negotiations to star in the directorial debut of shock rocker Marilyn Manson.

Called “Phantasmagora : The Visions of Lewis Carroll”, it’ll star Manson – who also scripted the film – as the “Alice in Wonderland” author, and model Lily Cole as Alice.

An offer has been made to Jolie to play the Red Queen, and casting is on the lookout for a couple of actresses to play highly sexed versions of Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum.

“I might add that the girls playing Tweedle Dee and Dum are twins who get to have real, genuine sex with each other. I like to make dreams come true”, the rocker said recently.

The film, which Manson will also score, goes into production this Summer In Europe, according to Virgin.Net.