Black Cat in Spider-Man 3?


A new rumour surfaces

Seems there’s another main character in “Spider-Man 3” – any guesses?

We know that Theresa Russell {“Black Widow”, “Wild Things”) has snagged a role in the film, but as whom?

According to Comic Book Resources, “We know that Theresa Russell has been cast as the wife of Flint Marko, The Sandman. But her character’s identity hasn’t yet been divulged. It’s Felicia Hardy. The Black Cat. Or her mother, at least. How long until the complaints?”.

The Black Cat, for those not-in-the-know, was someone who had a little crush on Peter Parker/Spidey. Fearing that her lack of powers made her a vulnerability to Spider-Man, and that she would lose him, she turned to Kingpin, and made a pact with him in return for his scientists giving her super-powers.