Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Reward your sweetheart with these tasty goodies

With Valentines Day just around the corner and with DVD’s so inexpensive to buy these days – Geez, I still remember paying over $20 for ex-rentals only a few years back – we thought we’d put together this list of “him” and
“her” choice-pickings that might put a smile on their dial this Feb 14.


Magnum P.I : Season Three
What The guy with the moustache pre-Monica getting about in a wet dream of a car and an ability to wear loose-fitting Hawaiian shirts to even the classiest of do’s. In this third season, Magnum has more than a few hurdles to stork-jump, in particular, the re-emergence of an old ruffian from his army days comes back to make his life hell. The two-part opener featuring the villainous ‘Ivan’ is actually quite grand, and though it plays slightly Doritos-like now, is still reasonably transfixing.
Why Because we guys always wanted to be Magnum. Not Selleck, Magnum. He had the life, hey? Oh, and as a bit of a bonus, there’s an episode from Season 4 on the DVD set too.
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Knight Rider : Season Three
What Before he climbed the wall in that ridiculous glittering jacket screaming “I’ve been looking for freedom…”, David Hasselhoff was actually a welcome member of the cool club. With his slick leather attire and cooler-than-cool-talking-car, we all prayed to the almighty one that we might, if even for just the day, get to be Michael Knight – or at least take his car for a spin. The closest we ever got – unless you visited Universal Studios back in the 80’s – was the TV. “Knight Rider” was starting to lose a bit of juice by the time season 3 came around, but the inoculation of a shiny new dashboard for K.I.T.T and the recurrence of that spiteful old coupé K.A.R.R deterred from any wonky injustices.
Why Because once upon a time it was cool….and so he was he (but don’t say that too loud).
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The A-Team : Season Three
What The role George Peppard – despite starring in some of the best movies of all time – was known best for. Season three is “The A-Team” at it’s corniest, but it’s still no less entertaining than it ever was. Interestingly enough, the second episode is a two-parter, don’t they usually save those for the season openers or season enders? Whatever the case, some good moments here – and one heck of a gold chain collection around B.A’s neck.
Why Cos we “Pity the Fool” who don’t.
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Into the Blue
What Jessica Alba in a Bikini. The End. Oh, you want more? Well how about something resembling a story? Grand performances by the likes of Paul Walker and Scott Caan? And direction to rival Spielberg? Sorry, none of that here – but, there is, as I mentioned, Jessica Alba in a bikini.
Why I could tell you how wonderful the DVD is –but I haven’t seen it yet. I imagine it’ll have lots of…well….Jessica Alba in a bikini.
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Last Days
What The biopic on Kurt Cobain…whoops, I mean…some other guy that looks like Kurt Cobain but definitely – especially if you work for Universal – isn’t. Michael Pitt thrashes his performance as Jen’s love interest footballer Henry on “Dawson’s Creek” with a superlative turn as a Seattle-based rocker whose life starts to crumble around him quicker than frozen ice on a car dashboard.
Why Because we all love Cobain right?! – I mean, we all love, ‘Guys like Cobain, right’?
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The Accidental Tourist
What 80’s chick-flick with William Hurt, Geena Davis and Bill Pullman. Trust me, they’ll love it. It’s about an unhappily married man who finds meaning to live again – he recently lost his child, you see – when he stumbles across the eccentric former Mrs Renny Harlin. Geena won a statue for her performance – and then married one in real life.
Why Because it’ll make ‘em laugh, cry, go awwww, and save you from having to sit through “The Notebook” for the 100th time.
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Pretty Woman : 15th Anniversary Edition
What A flashy Disney movie about a hooker with a heart of gold who entrances a wealthy businessman. OK, so it’s really, really, silly when you think about it – but it’s so, so, entertaining. Anything that combines Hector Elizondo, Go West and Jason Alexander-getting-his-lights-punched-out has to be pretty grand, right?
Why Because there’s lots and lots of extras – like a tour of all the locations used in the film, an audio commentary from the unrelenting Garry Marshall, and footage from the wrap party.
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The Parent Trap : Special Edition
What Lindsay Lohan pre-boobs as twins (Imagine the possibilities today my fellow dudes) who didn’t know about each other, ultimately swamping places so that they can get to know the parent – in this case, one gets to know Dad, the other gets to know Mum – they didn’t know existed. This is actually a really good movie…and I never thought anything could be better than Hayley Mills.
Why Because this time….they’ve bought the extras. See Lindsay making funny faces to the camera, see Lindsay introducing her mum to the camera, See Lindsay’s younger siblings on camera – and, well, other stuff.
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Two and a Half Men : Complete Season One
What Charlie ‘You’re so darn lucky dude, you could still be making movies with Brett Michaels if it wasn’t for Spin City’ Sheen’s big comeback – well, Jon Cryers big comeback too – playing one of two brothers, who are chalk and cheese, forced to live together in the one studio-staged apartment – with kid in tow.
Why Because regardless of how many women he has screwed over in his lifetime, the girls still love their Carlos Estevez.
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One Tree Hill : Complete Season One
What There’s a few vital ingredients to a teen soap: marketable pop-music, pretty betty’s and spunky baldwin’s, a spoonful of testosterone and another drop of angst, and, of course, the ‘will they or won’t they’ couple. “One Tree Hill” has all that – plus basketball. Basketball? I hear you say – yep, that’s definitely a new component to the tried and true teen prime-timer isn’t it? And you know what? It’s a welcome tweak to the template. Similar in story to the ‘Dawson plays with Balls’ epic “Varsity Blues” – though not surprising, it’s the same team behind this show – “Hill’ centres on a poorly highschooler (Chad Michael Murray, late of “Dawson’s Creek” and “Gilmore Girls”) who defies the odds and shows up the school’s star basketballer. The kicker? Both guys are half-brothers, though one of them sits on a gold-platted loo, the other sits on a cold, furless rest.
Why Cos Um ‘Chad Michael Murray is like, well, so hot, ya’know?’ Or so they say.
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