Is Jolie prepared to Sin?


Angelina eyeing date with a green-screen

Is Angelina Jolie headed to “Sin City”?

Aint it Cool let slip a rumour that Robert Rodriguez might be chasing Brad’s latest doona-sharer for a role in his anticipated sequel to last year’s green-screen hit.

“I know she’s certainly a dame most any of us would kill for!”, webmaster Harry Knowles exclaims, referring of course to the expected title of the sequel “A Dame to Kill For”.

Jolie reportedly caught up with Rodriguez recently to discuss a part in the follow-up, which reunites most of the cast – including Michael Madsen, Rosario Dawson and Mickey Rourke – and characters from the first film.

Jolie would no doubt be playing Ava, the sultry sexy mermaid who left Dwight (Clive Owen) for a rich bankroll of a husband a few years back. Year’s later, Ava shows up on his door, speaking seduction but secretly planning his corruption and downfall.