The Whole 60 Yards


Amanda Peet reuniting with Matthew Perry

The ever-so-versatile Amanda Peet is reuniting for the third time with Matthew Perry. Fortunately/Unfortunately, depending on your potency of savour, it’s not for the long-awaited “Whole Eleven Yards”.Nope, Peet is joining the former “Friends” star for his promising new series, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” from former “West Wing” alumni Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme.

Evan Handler (“Sex and the City”), Michael Stuhlbarg (“The Pillowman”), Nathan Corddry (“The Daily Show”) and Carlos Jacott (“Fun With Dick and Jane”) have also been hired for roles, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The Warner Bros. TV show is set behind the scenes of a fictional broadcasting network’s flagship late-night sketch comedy show. Peet will play Jordan McDeere, the newly appointed president of the network.

“The problem with getting actors of this caliber is that if the show doesn’t work, Tommy and I can be pretty sure it was our fault,” the project’s writer Sorkin said.

Peet’s iron has struck pretty hot lately having also landed roles in current smash “Syriana”, as well as the upcoming “The Martian Child” with Joan Cusack. Most will remember her for her role on TV’s “Jack and Jill”, which though about as fleeting as my days as a boy scout, garnered quite a few fans in its short time on the air.