Schwarzenegger re-enters Matrix?


Possible news on a “Commando” sequel

‘AB King’ checks in with some news that might give Arnie fans some hope.

Might Arnold Schwarzengger pick up the bazooka again and fling Alyssa Milano over his shoulder? Quite possibly. says Director Mark Lester is interested in directing a sequel to the 1985 action hit “Commando”, a film that helped path the way for many of Schwarzenegger’s quick-quipping action efforts of the late 80’s.

Twentieth Century Fox are reportedly interested in doing a sequel to the film – especially if sales of the forthcoming ‘Commando : Special Edition’ DVD go vertical – and are keen to have Arnold Schwarzenegger reprise his role as gun-toting John Matrix. Of course, this would all have to happen when California kicks him out of the governor’s chair.

“I’d love to direct a sequel”, Lester tells “Contact the studio for me and let them know”.

“Commando”, about a retired elite commando who has only a few hours to find and rescue his daughter from an exiled dictator, was released in October of 1985 and went on to make “$7,700,000 in its opening weekend, opening on 1,495 screens in the United States. This film solidified Schwarzenegger’s place as a box-office star. It went on to gross $35 million in the U.S. and $57 million worldwide. It is considered by most to be Schwarzenegger’s purest action film”.

Schwarzenegger was offered a “Commando 2” in the late 80’s, but the Austrian action hero apparently wasn’t happy with the script.

With news recently surfacing that the long-planned “True Lies 2” is as dead as an ant near a dishwasher, this might just be one film that does have some possibility of getting made. Again….unless Arnold’s voted back into office.