Howard the Diamonback?


Terrence Howard still onboard “Luke Cage”?

Considering he’s now got an Oscar nomination (for “Hustle & Flow”), you’d think Terrence Howard wouldn’t be too keen now on playing the villain in a superhero film, would you?

Not the case entirely. The actor tells IESB that he’s still considering playing the iniquitous Diamondback in a film version of comic fave, “Luke Cage”.

“We ran into Terence in an elevator at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. We couldn’t help but ask if he had heard anything regarding the Luke Cage project”, says the site. “He said he had been in talks recently with [Director] John Singleton and knows that he wants him to do it but doesn’t know quite yet. We should hear something very soon”.

Tyrese Gibson is set to play the lead role, that of a wrongly convicted man, escaping from prison after gaining superhuman strength and endurance, becoming a superhero mercenary.