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Babylon invests in Diesel?

Vin Diesel for the “Babylon Babies” movie

Having now done the ‘See, I can act with hair AND a gut’ routine (see the trailer for “Find Me Guilty” here), Vin Diesel is looking at re-enrolling into the academy of action heroes, muscle and mayhem.

Diesel will headline “Babylon A.D”, Mathieu Kassowitz’s film transfer of the hardback “Babylon Babies”, according to says Allocine.

Originally, says the site, Kassowitz’s regular go-to man Vincent Cassel was going to headline the film, but he has dropped out to do a two-part project based on France’s former Public Enemy no.1, Jacques Mesrine.

Set to start shooting next June, “Babylon A.D” is a $60 million dollar movie that takes place in the very close future, where the world is torn apart by wars, the mafia and the sects. Diesel will have the lead role of a mercenary who is trafficking a young Russian girl into the United States.

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