Batman goes Brokeback


Jake Gyllenhaal teaming up with Bruce Wayne?

Sounds like Jake Gyllenhaal’s been admitted into the big boys club.

The Oscar Nominated star of “Brokeback Mountain” is rumoured to be suiting up as D.A Harvey Dent in the “Batman Begins” sequel. A scooper for Superhero Hype says both Gyllenhaal and Paul Bettany’s names have been whispered quite a bit on the set of the new Chris Nolan/Christian Bale/Michael Caine film “The Prestige” – Gyllenhaal as Gotham City’s good-guy attorney, Bettany as the devilish Joker.

Should Gyllenhaal agree to the role, it’s likely he’ll be signed for a further film. Rumour has it that Dent will mould into his mutated alter-ego, Two-Face, in the third film.

The “Batman” sequel isn’t the first superhero film that Gyllenhaal has been linked to. He was in line to replace Tobey Maguire on “Spider-Man 2”, had the young actor not returned to the role, and was Kevin Smith’s choice to play “The Greeen Hornet” a couple of years back. At one stage Gyllenhaal had even met Warner about playing the Caped Crusader himself.

In the “Batman Begins” sequel, Batman teams with Harvey Dent to take down the clown prince of crime, The Joker. Chris Nolan returns as director, with Christian Bale, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman and Michael Caine all reprising their roles from the 2005 hit.