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Just couldn’t keep it Hidden, could they?

Classic 80’s sci-fi thriller getting remade?

I dunno about you guys, but I think it might be time to pick up the pitch fork, put texter to banner and pull up a seat outside the big-wigs-with-wigs gates. If it isn’t enough that Tinseltown’s dropping remade turds like “The Fog”, “When A Stranger Calls” and “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” into the cinematic sewer – they’re now setting their sights on cooler-than-ice classics like “The Hidden”. The sweat drops from the brow…

Yep, the 1987 thriller classic is about to get the redo treatment, says Cinescape. Now called “The Seed”,
it’ll be written by Rock Shaink Jr. and Mark Jonathan Stanley. In the original, a cop is on the trail of an alien entity that is floating from body to body.

How about we make a deal guys? either a) Do it flippin’ justice or b) take “The Hidden II” and remake that. That, I will admit, could do with a once-over.

Backtracking, there is a chance that this might be OK. Rock Shaink has written a few good little films over the past couple of years – none which you may have seen – so he may be able to ‘bring it’. Guess we’ll see.

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