This Week in TV – 8/2/06


This Week : “Everwood”, “Veronica Mars”, “Next Top Model”

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I’m afraid it’s true, “Everwood” really does finish this Friday….(four episodes into Season Three).


Without A Trace
NINE. Wednesday February 8th 8:30PM.
Episode : End Game.

I rarely watch these shows, because I know I’ll know I’ll get hooked and have to come back for more. If I do that, my life will just grind around me. And like a married-man and a hooker, one just can’t afford to devote so much time to tempting weekly appointments. Still, the occasional peep don’t do no harm.
Australia’s Anthony La Paglia (or, as my wife likes to call him, ‘the face of the doorknocker’ in “Labyrinth”) is right in his element in this show, bringing a slab of mutton to an already solid-enough yarn. In this episode, a well-to-do woman named Paige is whisked away by an NYPD officer….who we later discover wasn’t a cop at all. What was she doing? Who was he? And what the heck has she been doing with terrorists? Good quality viewing, 99% fat free.

NINE. Wednesday February 8th 9:30PM.
Episode :.

I was always more of a “Chicago Hope” fan than an “E.R” fan (long live Geiger!), but I will admit, whenever I have tuned into Michael Crichton’s medico drama it’s been an enjoyable experience. In this 12th season (yep, 12th, can you believe it?!) opener, Sam and Kovac report that her diabetic son Alex has gone missing and they believe he could be trying to find his father. Of course, the worst thing a diabetic can do – as I know too well – is to forget to take his insulin with him/her on their travels, and two guesses what young Alex has done?. Good stuff, but the show really needs another Clooney/Edwards to make it alluring again.

Prison Break
SEVEN. Wednesday February 8th 8:30PM.
Episode :. Cell Test

This one just keeps getting bigger, better and smarter by the minute. In this week’s episode, Michael starts to regret bringing in as many people into the ‘big break-out’ as he has – and for good reason. It only gets more intriguing in the weeks to come. Like Mandy Moore with free Candy, just try and resist it.

Fahrenheit 911
MOVIE EXTRA. Friday 10th February 11:15 PM

If your bloods not already boiling because of the demise of “Veronica Mars” on TEN this week – it will definitely be by the time you finish with “Why George Bush is a Knob” The Movie. Compelling, peculiarly fearsome, and at times, humorous, Michael Moore’s attack on the Bush administration’s handling of the 9/11 tragedy is one great movie/documentary/fingerpoint/warning. It might not be as memorable and inventive as “Bowling for Columbine”, but its another gold star next to the controversial filmmakers name. You’ll have wished you voted for Kerry.

The Notebook
MOVIE ONE. Sunday the 12th February 8:30 PM

Falling in love is such a splendid thing. But it also brings just as much strain and superfluous tumult, despite how tight the relationship may be. For some, it’s a clash with the in-laws, for others it’s an unremitting spar with the partner themself, or in the case of the lovers in Nick Cassavettes’
new film, “The Notebook”, it’s coming from two different worlds that causes two seemingly made-for-each-other youngsters to intermittingly drift apart.
An elderly man (James Garner) visits a woman (Gena Rowlands) in a nursing home and begins to tell her the story of a young couple named Noah and Allie. The youngsters were in each other’s pocket, falling head over heads essentially from the moment they laid eyes on one another. They became separated by World War II and predominantly, disapproving parents, but fourteen years later, their paths cross again – will they be able to make something of it this time?
As beautiful as it is elevating, “The Notebook” is an old-school weepie that puts plot before popcorn, and is essentially interested in nothing but telling it like it is. Plainly, Cassavettes isn’t interested in making much of a mint out of the film, but unmistakably wants audiences to soak themselves in its stencil. There are no effects, no marquee names, just solid storytelling and formidably good acting. As young Allie and Noah, Rachel McAdams (Mean Girls) and Ryan Gosling (Murder by Numbers), respectively, are outstanding, bringing such susceptibility and maturity to two characters that we really had to adore in order for the movie to work. In no less important parts – though with slightly less screen-time than the younger co-stars –James Garner and Gena Rowlands are their steadfast best as their older counterparts.
Based on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, “The Notebook” is handled with such skill and poignancy by Cassevettes. Everything from the look of the film (The photography by Robert Fraisse is exquisite), to its beautiful setting, and the way the characters are fleshed out so effectively, is overtly admirable. He’s done a marvellous job bringing the tale to screen. Verification is in the lack of dry eye that’ll be in the house by the time the credits roll.

Love My Way
W. Sunday the 12th February 8:30 PM

Even better than Season One. Yep, that’s right; Australia’s best drama of 2005 is even better in 2006. Whack that on your promo. In this episode, Charlie shoots himself in the foot when he beats up a burglar in his house. Ah, what depressing lives these people have…..and how we just can’t stop watching.

Desperate Housewives
SEVEN. Monday the 13th February 8:40 PM
Episode : You Could Drive a Person Crazy

Sadly, can’t say this one is as good as it was last year. It really isn’t. They’re really clutching at straws now. In this episode, Bree’s mother-in-law is causing headaches for the new widow; Susan discovers who Edie’s new boyfriend is (um, did he sing “When a Man Loves a Woman”?), and Lynette goes back to work, leaving the chap from Melrose Place to look after the kids. Not bad entertainment, but not the gripping viewing you’re led to believe it is.


1. “John Carpenter” (Sunday 12th February, 8:30 PM, THE BIOGRAPHY CHANNEL). Learn all about “the pornographer of horror”.
2. “Bert’s Family Feud” (Monday 13th February, 5:30 PM, NINE). With Bert hosting it should be a bit of a laugh….look out Pattie.
3. “Everwood” (Friday 8th February, 10:00 AM, NINE). If only because it could very well be the last episode until next Summer!
4. “Veronica Mars” (Friday 8th February, 7:30 PM, TEN). As Above, Plus, you still won’t know who the killer is!
5. “Josie and the Pussycats” (Sunday 10th February, 2:50PM, SEVEN). Terribly, terribly cheesy….but oh so tasty.


Dawn, Barry, Commonwealth Games
The Comedy Channel has announced it has inked an exclusive deal with popular claymation couple ‘Dawn and Barry’ for the pair to present their own uniquely humorous perspective on the Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. The first of the 90-second daily episodes of Dawn and Barry will premiere on the channel at 6.00pm, on Friday, March 10 (with a five-day countdown to the opening ceremony). The series will run through to Sunday, March 26. ‘Dawn’ is voiced by actress Julie McGregor, best known for her role as the daft secretary Betty in the long running sitcom Hey Dad. ‘Barry’ is voiced by Drew Forsythe.

Models go to MYER
The three finalists of the hit reality series “Australia’s Next Top Model” will make their runway debut when FOX8 exclusively telecasts the “Myer 2006 Fashion Spectacular” on Wednesday, March 1 at 9.30pm.
For the first time MYER’s annual Autumn/Winter Fashion Show will be broadcast nationally on FOX8 with the three finalists from the show strutting their stuff alongside the country’s hottest professional models.
The one-hour fashion spectacular will air on Wednesday, March 1 at 9.30pm, immediately following the explosive series finale of the show.
The show will be recorded in Melbourne on February 27 as part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival.
FOX8 Channel Manager Duane Hatherly said: “This is the perfect opportunity to see our three top model finalists put their newly acquired skills to the test.
“Love them or hate them, we will soon see whether the top model girls can cut it in the real world of fashion. And we’ll get front row seats to MYER’s exciting new season fashion collections while they’re strutting their stuff.”

Sharon’s Bits coming to NINE
Get set for laughs-a-plenty when Magda Szubanski joins the Nine Network to host “Magda’s Funny Bits”, which premieres on Tuesday, February 14 at 7.30pm. The show is a series of five one-hour specials featuring Magda’s menagerie of comic characters – Mary McGregor, Sharon Strezlecki, Lynne Postlethwaite and Chenille. Each character will feature in this cavalcade of weird, wild and wonderful video moments from all around the world.
Mary McGregor, the Scottish expert on all things frugal, will anchor the five specials in her own inimitable style.
Sharon Strezlecki, the lovable, accident-prone netballer from “Kath & Kim”, will look at sports – but in true Sharon style, every sporting event covered on her show turns into a total disaster. Cars burn up, parachutists flounder and fishermen end up as shark bait.
Lynne (“I said, ‘Pet’… I said, ‘Love’…”) Postlethwaite provides a peek at the disasters lurking in every suburban home or at any wedding reception in a series of never-before-seen home videos.
Finally there’s the return of a couple of old favourites from the days of “Fast Forward”, namely Janelle (played by guest star Marg Downey) and Chenille, queen of the morning advertorial shows. The pair will present a smorgasbord of amazing advertisements.

The “Carnivale” moves on
Fans of the ABC’s “Carnivale” will want to make sure they don’t miss the Sunday Feb 12th episodes. They’re the last ones. Ever. Unfortunately, there’s a few loose threads that aren’t tied up – but all-in-all, its apparently a good last couple of episodes. From 8:30PM.

Wolf Howls for new Drama
Scott Wolf looks set to leave the snowy Alps of “Everwood” behind for the intensity of an inner-city financial institution.
The young actor – well, he looks a lot younger than he actually is – will join Jessica Collins and Lourdes Benedicto for a new untitled TV drama about the lives of nine strangers after they were held hostage for 52 hours during a botched bank robbery.
Chi McBride is also rumoured to be involved in the project, previously known as “Nine Lives”.
With Wolf joining the series – it doesn’t sound good for “Everwood”, does it?

The next death on “Lost” could be…
If you drink and drive you’re not only a ‘bloody idiot’…you’re likely to lose your job too.
“Lost” star Michelle Rodriguez – added to the show this season as a regular – is getting booted off the Island. Her character Ana-Lucia Cortez will be killed off “as soon as they (can) write it in,” reports Us Weekly.
“The producers are fed up with the fact that she barely shows up on the set and is always in a bad mood,” the magazine quoted an “insider” as saying.
Rodriguez was recently arrested for allegedly [drunk] driving close to the set in Hawaii.

”Invasion” over?
Before it even has a change to screen here in Australia (and ironically, the network is promoting the heck out of it), ABC’s “Invasion” has been given a pink slip, according to HNR.
An inside source has told the site that the Shaun Cassidy-created series will be replaced on Wednesday nights by “the criminal procedure series, The Evidence. While the network has not officially cancelled its Wednesday night companion to Lost, sources tell us that it’s unlikely Invasion will return for a second season; a consequence of less than remarkable ratings.”

The Peet and Perry Show
The ever-so-versatile Amanda Peet is reuniting for the third time with Matthew Perry. Fortunately/Unfortunately, depending on your potency of savour, it’s not for the long-awaited “Whole Eleven Yards”.Nope, Peet is joining the former “Friends” star for his promising new series, “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” from former “West Wing” alumni Aaron Sorkin and Thomas Schlamme.
Evan Handler (“Sex and the City”), Michael Stuhlbarg (“The Pillowman”), Nathan Corddry (“The Daily Show”) and Carlos Jacott (“Fun With Dick and Jane”) have also been hired for roles.
The Warner Bros. TV show is set behind the scenes of a fictional broadcasting network’s flagship late-night sketch comedy show. Peet will play Jordan McDeere, the newly appointed president of the network.
“The problem with getting actors of this caliber is that if the show doesn’t work, Tommy and I can be pretty sure it was our fault,” the project’s writer Sorkin said.
Peet’s iron has struck pretty hot lately having also landed roles in current smash “Syriana”, as well as the upcoming “The Martian Child” with Joan Cusack. Most will remember her for her role on TV’s “Jack and Jill”, which though about as fleeting as my days as a boy scout, garnered quite a few fans in its short time on the air.

Accident on “Deadwood” set
There was an accident on the set of “Deadwood” this past week. An extra had a heart attack on the set – they were filming episode 9 at the time – and is in a serious condition. Will keep you up to date on the mans progress.

Wesley joins Willow for sitcom
Alyson Hannigan’s real-life husband, Alexis Denisof, is going to guest-star on the former’s sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother”. The show, set to premiere in Australia shortly, asked Denisof [“Angel”] to do a couple of episodes apparently.


Send your TV questions to with the subject line “THIS WEEK IN TV”

Q.Hey, Why don’t you review Channel 10 shows? Good work on this TV column though; it helps me plan my viewing week!
– Jill

A. Jill. No review tapes I’m afraid.

Q.Clint, any idea when the sixth season of “Chicago Hope”, never shown on Fox8, is coming? – Tony
A. Will try and get a response from the network for you by next week.

Q.Do you know if Commissioner Jarry will be on “Deadwood” next season? – Adam
A. He will indeed. Stephen Tobolowsky has just signed to see out the rest of the season on the show. Can’t wait for Season 3 myself.

Q.Hey Clint, good work on This Week in TV. Do you know what season “The West Wing” is going to start from on the ABC? – Bryce
A. It’ll start from Season 4.

Q. I’ve just finished watching “Roswell” Season 1 & 2 on DVD and was hoping that you could tell me when Season 3 will be arriving on DVD in Australia? – Ben
A. Ben, according to EzyDVD, it will be available on Wednesday March 15th.

Q.Hi, read your piece of Wolf joining a new show and how it doesn’t quite look good for “Everwood”. Well, producer Rina Mimoun did say to E! News that not only is someone dying, but two people we have come to love will leave “Everwood” forever. So, I think Scott is just one of the three and doesn’t have anything to do with the show ending, but has to do with story. I don’t think he was ever in it for the long run, anyways. He isn’t even in the opening credits. Neither was Marcia Cross. – Barry
A. I’m nominating you my new “Everwood” Insider. Can you get me the rest of Season 3 for me?

Q.Hey there down under! Great site, keep up the work (I’m the movie knowledge king to my friends thanks to you). Just a quick question…you guys talk of all these TV shows, but not once have you mentioned the 5th season of 24. If you haven’t seen this show (in my opinion, the best show on TV), I can’t even begin to explain what is wrong with you. – David
A. It hasn’t been mentioned….because it hasn’t been seen. We haven’t got the 5th season of “24” here in Australia but rest assure, when it does air, we will indeed be covering it in this column. Meanwhile, email me over some drooly screengrabs of Elisha Cuthbert.

Q. Hi, I just got done watching ‘Home improvement’ E True Hollywood Story. I have been a huge fan of the show why doesn’t ABC do a movie “Home Improvement Movie”? That would be fantastic has there been any talk with the studio can you check that out for us the fans Thanks A Million – Brian
B. I’d say Tim Allen’s got about twelve more “Santa Clause” sequels to do first – then, you’ll probably see him return to TV. At the moment, he’s still fooling himself. Brian….your real name’s not Jonathan Taylor Thomas is it?