Baywatch returning?


The Hoff has plans for a relaunch

David Hasselhoff is planning to don the togs again.

Seemingly clutching at straws, the actor is apparently considering resurrecting TV’s “Baywatch” – at one stage, the most popular series in the world – and is already scouting potential locales.

As a fresh change, the towering buddy of K.I.T.T wants to set the next series in Paris, New York or Miami.

“They’ll be lifeguards who are also sent on crime-busting sprees”, he tells Sky News.

Hmmm….didn’t we already see that one? Wasn’t it called “Baywatch Nights”.

Meantime, “Hostel” Director Eli Roth continues to work on the “Baywatch” movie.

Though Pamela Anderson is someone who has been mentioned for a role in the film (Roth tells Moviehole “Pammy and the Gals will most likely do cameos in the movie, but for the main cast they want to go with a whole new crop of hotties. I know the other producers spoke to Pamela about it, and she said she’d love to do a cameo. The shoot’s a long way away so anything can happen, but for me, it just wouldn’t be Baywatch without her), Hasselhoff says he hasn’t been contacted about making an appearance in it.

“I haven’t been offered a role yet but I keep my fingers crossed.”