New Line doing new Elm Street film


Question is, which one?

He spoke it – again and again – and seems they (in this case, New Line Cinema) decided to listen.

Robert Englund, best known as razor-nailed Freddy Krueger in the assiduous “A Nightmare On Elm Street” series, tells Bloody Disgusting that an idea he loved that teamed Krueger with “Halloween” scoundrel Michael Myers might be coming to fruition.

The studio has commissioned a “Freddy vs.Michael”, a team-up that Englund once mentioned would also bring back Jamie Lee Curtis’s (the female protagonist of the “Halloween” series) Laurie Strode.

Englund tells the site that the studio has also commissioned the “Nightmare on Elm Street” prequel, which will tell of Krueger’s days before he was burned at the stake and donned Christmas jumpers.

“New Line is committed to making at least one more Freddy movie. They have commissioned both a prequel and “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael Myers”. No word on which one they will actually make or when”, he tells.

Last year, Englund shot a pilot for a reality show called “Nightmare on Elm Street : Real Nightmares”, “in which contestants described their nightmares and then were challenged to confront their fears by being put in a situation that evoked their nightmares. For example: a woman scared of clowns was locked in a fun house and terrorized by clowns who appeared out of mirrors and down through the ceiling”, but the network decided not to pick it up. Apparently the new CW network might be giving it a reprieve.