Dali goes West


When a “Dali” Calls, you Answer

“When A Stranger Calls” director Simon West is taking a different route for his next outing. He’ll be helming a pic on Salvador Dali.

Speaking to Suicide Girls, West mentions a few actors he’s considering offering the lead role too, including Jarvier Bardem and Antonio Banderas.

“Yes, there’s Antonio Banderas and Javier Bardem or a combination of all those people. There are so many great parts in it besides Dali as well. Like Luis Buñuel and all the Expressionist artists.”

The part of Dali though is “going to be the key role because it spans Dali’s whole life. It has got to be someone that can go from 19 years old until he died at 84. It is a great actor’s piece.”

The movie, says West, is “something that I’ve been working on for a while and we’re getting very close. Having said that it’s still going to have a broader appeal. It is not one of those things that I don’t care if nobody goes to see it. I believe in getting as many people to go and see rather than deliberately trying to make it for a small audience. Like Amadeus means Moulin Rouge.”

“It’s not really specifically about him. It’s about his lifestyle. It is an incredible and romantic life story. He was with the same woman for his whole life practically. He was the first rock star and he was doing it in the 20’s and 30’s and never stopped until his 80’s. He was driven by genius and he spanned most of the 20th century.”