Burmeister Jammed into thriller


Alongside Emma Lung, Kate Atkinson and more

Australian up-and-comer Saskia Burmeister, the actress who totally stole the show from Delta Goodrem in last year’s “Hating Alison Ashley”, will star in a new Australian thriller called “The Jammed”.

The film, which commenced shooting in Melbourne this week, is inspired by court transcripts and actual events relating to human trafficking.

The ensemble cast also includes Emma Lung (“Peaches”), Veronica Sywak (“Blurred”), Andrew S.Gilbert (“Look Both Ways”), Alison Whyte (“Frontline”), Debra Lawrance (“Blue Heelers”), Damien Richardson (“The Hard Word”) and “SeaChange” sensation Kate Atkinson, and it is written, produced and directed by multi-award winning Dee McLachlan (“The Second Jungle Book”).

“Australia is the 10th main destination for victims of human trafficking. As media reports began to surface in the past few years it seemed inconceivable that this could be happening in the suburbs of Melbourne. This film was inspired by real events,” said Director Dee McLachlan.

The film is produced by acclaimed producer Sally Ayre-Smith, whose most celebrated project to date is “SeaChange”. “We are all very excited about this film which has generated an incredible amount of energy and promises to be a powerful and compassionate though confronting film, made with tremendous passion.”

The movie is currently being shot over 19 days in February throughout Melbourne locations.