Wanna help save Everwood?


Tom Amandes on the rumours of a cancellation

So anyway, there’s this big black cloud hanging over one of my favourite shows, “Everwood”, as you may or may not have heard. It’s unlikely it’s going to be picked up next season by The CW, and it’s a darn shame. There are quite a few shows on at the moment that are well written, rational and scrupulously performed, but this is one of only a few that’s truly targeted at the family.

Actor Tom Amandes, who plays Dr.Harold Abbott, dropped me a line to say he’s still yet to hear the fate of the show – and is simply remaining optimistic that all you guys tune in and watch the new episodes of the show, which return to air later this month, in the hope that ratings go up and the CW reconsiders leaving “Everwood” out of the programming schedule.

“Clint, Our network just got cancelled out from under us. After four seasons on “the best written show on television” (TV Guide), we’re looking at a very uncertain future. So, believe me, you want security? Go into the funeral business”, says Amandes.

“The latest is… nobody knows. Well, at least no one who’s saying. I was at a Sundance party two days before this whole network merger came out – we live in Park City, so Sundance is in our back yard – and I was talking to a guy who works on the brilliant, but recently cancelled “Arrested Development”. He asked what I thought about Everwood’s future. I said, “Frankly, I worry more about the network being cancelled than our show.” So there we are.

“You talk of the maddening programming in Australia, the WB network has treated us the same here. After earning our slot on Monday nights the first two seasons, the network tried pulling us for other shows – with no success. Then, they abruptly moved us to Thursdays, where we’ve done well despite them. Though not as well as we did on Mondays. So now we’re in limbo as far as next season. Luckily, now that there’s been a change at the top, we go back to our Monday time slot starting March 27. So we’ll have one last solid shot to prove our worth with a bunch of successive episodes. A good thing. So, wish us luck, Clint. And thanks for giving us a boost down under.”

We’ll have a more inclusive chat with the wonderful Mr Amandes up on the site in a few days, but for the meantime, make a note in your calendars for the return of “Everwood”. (For our Australian readers, you can catch the show’s second season on ARENA, Fridays at 8:30PM).