Dana Reeve (1961 – 2006)


A few words on losing a great woman

Its with absolutely devastating news that I begin today’s items with. Dana Reeve, a wonderful human being and the widow of the late Christopher Reeve, has passed away.

The poor family…poor Will. Not only did their son just recently lose his father, but now his mother. The sting? Dana was only 44 years old.

I had never met Dana – though my producing partner, Christopher Showerman, had and talked very highly of her – but from what I know of her, she was one of the most respected and authentically munificent people on our planet. When Christopher ‘Superman’ Reeve had his accident, she remained by her side through it all. In essence, she gave up her life – to further his.

Proving that you don’t have to dwindle a box of ciggies a day to accede to the disease, non-smoker Dana, the Chairperson of the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, had been battling lung cancer. Apparently, she was getting better, and had been responding well to treatment. Sadly, recovery wasn’t to be.

The only bright spot in this story is knowing that someone up there in the cobalt sky, Dana Reeve has just reunited with the love of her life, Chris, and together they’re soaring through the air, both looking back on their extraordinary, albeit short, lives below.

Dana, you’ll be missed.

Our condolences go out to the entire Reeves family.