Exclusive Interview : Perrey Reeves


From ARENA TVs “Entourage”

Actress Perrey Reeves wasn’t allowed to watch Television as a youngster, but we have a feeling she owns a fat widescreen these days. After all, she’d miss watching one of the most brilliant performances on TV at the moment – her own, in the role of Ari’s long-suffering wife on the hit new series “Entourage”. CLINT MORRIS talks to the actress about her involvement in one of the most acclaimed tube offerings of the year, “Entourage”, the story of an up-and-coming Hollywood actor (Adrian Grenier) whose career is managed by not only his smarmy agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) but also his tight-knit circle of friends.

How’s it being married to Jeremy Piven on the show?
I’ve known Jeremy for 10 years and I adore him. He makes my work effortless because he gives me so much to react to.

But there’s some hilarious but brave bedroom scenes between you two. Were they difficult?
No, in fact the Viagra scene is one of my favourites. Sometimes that type of scene can be awkward but because Jeremy and I have known each other for so long, it was really easy and we had a blast. The entire crew had to control themselves from laughing [though].

Are you anything like her?
I would have to say that Mrs. Ari and I are both very straightforward. Mrs. Ari may be stricter than I am, but that is only because she loves Ari so much she doesn’t want him to do anything that may harm his personal or business life. For example, Mrs Ari doesn’t want him embarrassing himself at the Playboy Mansion nor does she tolerate
Anyone’s lack of respect towards Ari.

How close are all the boys – Piven, Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon and so on – on the show in real-life?
One of the reasons the show appeals to so many people is because they can relate to the relationships the boys have with each other. They are great friends on camera and off.

Can you see any similarities between Mark Wahlberg and Adrian Grenier?
The similarities that I see between Mark and Adrian are that they are both very smart and very down to earth. It goes without saying they are both very good-looking and charming.

I’m use to seeing you playing teens in films like “Child’s Play 3” and “Escape to Witch Mountain”, is this one of your first stabs at playing an older, married woman?
No my first foray into married life was with Will Ferrell in Old School. So far I would say I’ve got pretty good taste in husbands.

How was it working with Will?
I think the thing that would surprise people the most about the scene where Will is running down the street naked is that Will was quite modest when the director yelled “cut”. He covered himself with a robe, seemed a little embarrassed, but when the director yelled “action” he became the uninhibited Frank the Tank!

I hear they’re actually doing a sequel to ‘Old School’. Will you be returning?
I don’t know, I haven’t read the script. I hope I do, though.

Talking of sequels, can I bring up “Child’s Play 3” again? How was that experience?
It’s the first movie I ever did, so it was really exciting.

They should have bought you back for another one!
Seed of Chucky was great, but I don’t really see how my character could have shown up in that movie.

I know “Entourage” isn’t the first TV show you’ve been involved in – but it’s definitely one of the successful ones. You were also in the short-lived “The Lyon’s Den” with Rob Lowe. Was it disappointing that it was so short lived?
I was really disappointed because I loved everyone involved. I had a great time working with Rob Lowe. When you look at some of the great shows that have been cancelled — Firefly, Pasadena, and most recently Arrested Development — I think we are in good company.

One of the most successful shows you were involved in was “The X-Files”. That was only a brief part though, wasn’t it?
Yes, but The X-Files has such a huge fan base that yes, I am occasionally recognized as Kristin Kilar.

The Season Finale of ENTOURAGE airs Sunday 7:30PM, ARENA