Now they’re remaking Last House?!


Are there any horror films left to remake?

I really can’t believe Wes Craven…did he really lose THAT much money on “Cursed”? Aren’t the weekly cheques spawning from the Freddy and Ghostface franchises keeping that bullion strongbox full to the brim still?

So why, oh why, is he championing remakes of all his old films? We’re seriously only a redo or two away from a remake of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”! spoke to the man, whose lent his name to the remake of “The Hills Have Eyes”, who revealed that there’s preliminary talk going on about a redo of “The Last House on the Left” now.

“Quite possibly,” Craven said. “It would be a matter of finding the right director. We certainly have the studios lined up already wanting it so we’ll just have to see.”

Interestingly enough, Craven recently turned down the chance to do a “Scream 4” – because he doesn’t like repeating himself. Um, hello?