Moviehole MailBag – 15/3/06


Episode : The one that Isaac Hayes took offence to

Want Clint to answer your question? You could try blackmailing him into threatening to reveal his love of “Rescue Me” (and we’re not talking about the Denis Leary one either – try the Michael Dudikoff one) to the world, or, you could simply email him here.

Q.Great site guys. I come to it every day. Looks like the Isaac Hayes news is hitting every entertainment corner online. One thing though in your reporting — I don’t agree with the comment of “A rather unappreciative Matt Stone…” Stone’s comments were spot on. Mr. Hayes has been with the show for ten years — during which time a slew of organizations, religions, lifestyles, etc have been slapped around silly. The beauty of South Park has always been that ‘no one is safe.’ You cannot claim bigotry when everyone is a target.
Hayes has had numerous opportunities over the last decade to protest the treatment of these groups, but he said nothing. The moment his religion gets the razz, he cries foul. That, in my opinion is ‘unappreciative’ behavior, not to mention hypocritical. Keep up the great work!
– T
A. Good point. I actually agree. I think. He’s put up with everything else…. why step up now? Unless he thinks, like most do, that “South Park” is a sinking ship and he don’t want to go down with that tug? Still…. um, I hate being told I’m wrong! Hate it! Hate it! Hate it! Once more? Hate it! Give me a couple of minutes to get myself together and we’ll carry on. Hate it! (Just one question : How’s he going to go out, Chef? “Oh no, they killed Chef…instead of Kenny?”…or is John Amos about to get a job?).

Q.Hey Clint. Love the site, reg visitor everyday….anywhoo my question is, ‘Do you know if they are going to renew the show “How I met your mother?” Thanks – Sami
A. Sami, there’s good news and there’s bad news. Funnily enough, they both can be answered by simply muttering ‘Yes’.

Q.I really want to be sent every one of Usher Raymond’s movies? – Alhagie
A. Do I have ‘Blockbuster’ tattooed across my forehead? A return shute where my backside should be? A rewind function built-into my left lobe? (But how about this….Hollywood said they’d gladly send you Usher himself instead).

Q.Hi Clint and fellow moviehole addicts! I’ve just got ask… will Australia ever see “Melrose Place” released on DVD? I’ve been waiting for years and have seen hundreds of old and new TV shows pass by on DVD but “Melrose” is nowhere to be seen! I’m sure there are thousands of people out there who enjoyed the show …maybe even more so than me! – Adam
A. Firstly, I’m not a Moviehole addict, they force me to be here. Sometimes I have to be tied to a chair and they threaten to put the “Chairman of the Board” soundtrack on loop if I don’t update the site. Sad state of affairs. Anyway, good news for you – and no, I don’t think there’s anyone out there who enjoyed it more than you, because, well, you asked and they didn’t – “Melrose Place” is indeed in the works over at the Paramount DVD manufacturing plant. Don’t look for it this year though, maybe next.

Q.Hey it’s me again (Still wishing for a real “Shannon
Tweed Watch”). Do you know if “Monster Squad” will ever be released on DVD? I’m also wondering about a DVD release of a little-known movie called “Lunatics: A Love Story”, that starred Sam Raimi’s little brother Ted. Thanks. –
A. First things first. Shannon…well, she’s been slumming it in TV-land (I know really sad, considering her talent/s) doing guest-shots on series’ like “The Parkers”. As for “Monster Squad”, I’m told it’s coming, but they’ve no idea when. As for “Lunatics”, I’ve only been able to locate it on VHS.

Q.Clint. Your Caffeinated Clint column is easily the best thing on this site now! It’s informative and hilarious! Love it!. – Kevin
Thanks Dad.

Q.Hi, Just wanted to say how much I like the new column by Clint. It’s very funny. Keep it up! – Erica
A. Thanks Mum, will do.

Q.Hey Clint, That new column is pretty rad. Just wondering…..why did the guys at the drive-in have bloomers on their heads? – Tania
A. I was told because it kept their balding heads warm.

Q.You had asked after the announcement of the latest remake, of “Last House on the Left”, if there were any other horror films left to be remade? The answer is yes! How about a cool remake of “The Manitou” ? Remember that one from the 1970’s? It starred Tony Curtis as a faux psychic advisor who helps a woman who has a little problem of an ancient Indian war chief growing on her back? Imagine what they could do now with all the CGI? The book was bloodier than the old movie, so maybe a good shakedown and actually IMPROVE an original film with a remake! Right now, I see Kate Hudson as the woman and Jude Law in the Tony Curtis role. – Anthony Anderson
A. Loved you in “Kangaroo Jack” dude. Hey, there’s an idea for a horror remake….

Q.So there’s finally some news on “The Punisher” sequel, other than Thomas Jane popping up every couple of months to mention it. Anyway the “Mortal Kombat” sequel was set to film in Louisiana, but because of the flood, it was on hold, is this news on the “Punisher” also good news for Mortal Kombat? Keep up the great work you guys do. – Madix
A. Thanks, I’ll take that credit and try use it at the corner store. Could any news on “Mortal Kombat 3” be good? No news on it on this end my friend…except that Christopher Lambert is damn hungry.

Q.Are there plans for a “Spiderman 4” and 5 because I thought Sam Raimi wanted to end the movies with a third one? And is “Evan Almighty” a sequel or a spin off to “Bruce Almighty” because I thought the idea of Noahs ark being built was for “Bruce Almighty 2”, can you let me know more info on this, I’m confused. “ – Menace
A. Raimi also planned on there being only one “Darkman” movie too. Bottom Line : if Sony wants 4 and 5, and I bet they do, then they’ll happen – with or without Sam. Bring on Brett Ratner. As for “Evan Almighty”, you’re correct; they’re using the same storyline that they were going to use had Jim Carrey returned. They’ve just retooled it to centre on Carell’s character. So, I guess, it’s more a spin-off than a sequel now.

Q.When is “Prison Break” coming back on? Last week they didn’t tell us that “Prison Break” wasn’t going to be on. Now the TV guide says mini-series: “Final days of planet earth part 1”. Please email me back – Aussiepunkchik
A. Aussiepunkchik, just off for the one week I believe. What, not interested in Daryl Hannah-starring telemovies?

Q.Hey, how well do you guys pay? – Mike
A. Depends. Would you fit in a size ten pink tutu and pair of glittery slippers?

Q.Noticed you don’t review Channel Ten programmes in your column. Why?Bess
A. Bess, no review discs…. oh, and we make up part of the fan community that’s in lurve with “Veronica Mars”, so they don’t want to know about us. Probably.

Q.What’s the latest on “The Green Lantern” movie? Alan
A. Apparently, a trilogy is already envisioned. No word on casting yet, but former “Dawson’s Creek” star Kerr Smith is pretty interested in slipping on the green ensemble. Something I always wondered…. how does a superhero get about carrying a lit lantern?

Q.Why did “Resident Evil 3” decide not to film in Australia? – Stephen
A. They’d got wind that Jack Thompson was standing at the airport armed-and-ready.

Q.21 Jump Street = Peter DeLuise. Not Michael. Never liked the show first time around, but now I watch it and can see where Johnny Depp got his character actor training. – Ellen
A. Billy, Alec….Peter, Michael…..same thing. OK, will amend. And yes, what a fine training school it was. Loved Tad DeLuise in it more than Depp though.

Q.What’s the latest on “Lost”? – Dean
A. They’re still, um, Lost, apparently.