Another ‘Customer’ for Grind House


The Rodriguez/Tarantino film now lensing in Texas

So apparently Marley Shelton has one of the lead roles in Rob & Quentin’s hugely-anticipated “Grind house”. You’ll remember Shelton as that noxious devil, known only as ‘The Customer’, at the start of “Sin City”, or possibly – if you’re a regular at Blockbuster – in “Uptown Girls”, “Sugar & Spice” or “Valentine” – yeah, that nauseating teen-shocker in which she played second fiddle to Denise Richards’ rump. Not that we should hold any past injustices against her – she’s quite the actress, as we evidenced even in the few minutes that she immersed herself in the role of ‘The Customer’ in “Sin”. Kudos to the guys for snapping her up.

Expecting the rest of the cast to be announced within the next couple of weeks – at the moment we’re only aware of Josh Brolin, Tom Savini, Dean Fernando, Danny Trejo and Alicia Rachel Marek, another “Sin City” ex-pat – and hoping there’s some welcome surprises in tow. Now one person that I’m not so certain is in it – despite the continuos rumours – because he’s been spotted back home working on something else, is John Jarratt. If I were a betting man, I’d say look for Jarratt in Tarantino’s upcoming WWII movie “Inglorious Bastards”, but not “Grind”. Have been wrong before though…. and can still taste the soap in my gob as a result.