Brett Ratner directing Wolverine spin-off?


Starring Hugh Jackman and Vinnie Jones

This could mean either two things :

1) He has done such a knock-up job on “X-Men 3”, that Rothman’s keen for him to take the reigns on “Wolverine” above anyone else
2) That Ratner’s insisting he’s the right man for the gig, and knowing he ‘gets all the good stuff’, the tower aren’t rebutting the claim.

Still, after seeing the most recent trailer for “X-Men 3”, I am on the boat that’s heading towards ‘could be good, after all’ territory. OK, so Bryan Singer did absolute wonders with the “X-Men” series, but what everyone’s forgetting is that those movies also had excellent scripts. What’s to say the stencil of the third film wouldn’t make a great movie even if Dennis Dugan were helming? I wouldn’t at all be surprised. Still, the jury’s out until May.

As the headline reads, Ratner’s now rumoured to be directing Hugh Jackman in the “Wolverine” spin-off that’s set to go as soon as Oscar’s pop has grown his sideburns back. That’s not all though, “X-Men 3” co-star Vinnie Jones is set to reprise his role of Juggernaut for the Jackman-starrer too.

Talking to MTV, Jones said “[Brett] was saying that they’ll probably use a lot of the characters,” Jones said, implying that the director will also return alongside star Hugh Jackman in “Wolverine.” “Hopefully [the Wolverine/ Juggernaut rivalry] will come into it”.

Ratner’s got a woody for Jones, it seems, because the ex-soccer player is also rumoured to have accepted a part in his “Rush Hour 3”.