Michael Biehn and Rose McGowan in Grind House?


The new Tarantino/Rodriguez film

I’ve always liked Michael Biehn. He’d have to be the one finest actor of the 80’s – starring in such smasheroos as “The Terminator” and “Aliens” – but everyone in la la land seemingly forgot about when the clock struck twelve on New Years Eve 1989.
Thanks to their sudden ignorance, the go-to man for action movies of the 80’s was suddenly headlining such floaters as pop-driven actioner “Navy Seals” (1990) and the ill-fated video classic, “Timebomb” (1991). In fact, if it wasn’t for George P.Costmatos or Michael Bay, who cast him in small parts in “Tombstone” (1993) and “The Rock” (1996) respectively, he might as well have quit the game for the decade and opened up a gelato store in Venice. Might’ve been more fruitful (and we’re guessing, got more respect).

The good news is – for everyone else that fondly remembers his Capt.Hicks, Kyle Reese, Lt.Coffey or Johnny Ringo – Biehn’s back, and it couldn’t be in a better vehicle.

The actor, most recently seen in the short-lived TV series “Hawaii”, has apparently been cast in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s “Grind House”, according to the good folks at CHUD.com.

I’ve seen the guys name bought up a couple of times in chats lately, in the fact that his name has been whispered in the relation to the project, but this seems to be the first confirmation that he’s indeed a lock for the film. Very good news indeed. Wouldn’t be surprised if both Tarantino and Rodriguez are fans of his work too, and simply wanted to yank him back out of obscurity.

In related news, ‘Bryce’ tells us that Rose McGowan (TV’s “Charmed”) has also won a role in the film. From the sounds of it, she’s sharing scenes with Marley Shelton (sadly, not in that sense), for the most part. Whether that’s Tarantino’s part of the film, or Rodriguez’s part, I’m not sure.

Thanks to ‘Dave’