Reader Review : The Fountain


‘Browny’ checks out the forthcoming sci-fi romp

‘Browny’ had the chance to check out a film that, seems, like it has been on the way for forever and a day. I would’ve liked to have seen what Pitt/Blanchett could have done with it, but this incarnation, with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, still sounds like it’ll be worth a look.

The Fountain
By ‘Browny’

I caught a screening of the latest film from Darren Aronofky called “The Fountain” at a theater called The Grove up here in Los Angeles last night. A Warner Brothers rep said that It was the first screening of the film to a test audience and it was the final cut of the film. I don’t know much about Aronofky’s work but a friend of mine is a devoted fan of his and invited me to the screening. They said that Darren was there himself but i don’t really know what he looks like but my friend thought that he saw him at the projection booth while he was looking around the theater before the film started. The movie is a reflection of the cycles of life and the undying love of a man who is trying to save the woman he loves from a tragic fate several times though out the ages. The Fountain is actually a tree that promise everlasting life and this man wants to find it to stop the cycle of tragedy that befalls his love time and time again. The journey goes from the age of the conquistadors to the fall future on a space ship. The lovers are played by Oscar winner Rachel Weisz and Xmen’s Huge Jackman, who both give terrific performances and i think both will be nominated for Oscars for their amazing work here. This is not your average wide eye love story, its a raw look at human frailty and emotion that has not been on screen for quite a while in cinema. Rachel Weisz gives another superb performance here as a woman who has to accept her tragic fate while her lover can’t let go and she plays her cards to the chest while trying to give her lover the strength to go on. Her raw and human performance is her best ever and it even out does her work on The Constant Gardener”, that’s how good she is here. Huge Jackman has never been as good anywhere else than this movie and it proves to his naysayers that he’s more than just a matinee idol. His performances matches Rachel Weisz Mano to Mano and compliments her as well. he gives a touching performance that is laced with grief and hope while he has to watch his the love of his love slip away from his fingers. Both there performances are the heart and soul of this film.

While Weisz and Jackman turn in the performances of a lifetime, the movie is not with out its fair share of problems. The last act on the spaceship seems forced for some reason and seems somewhat out of place and the pacing in some parts seems off for some reason as well. All of this is forgive with the second arc of the story where both characters are in the modern world where Weisz’s character is slowly dying of a brain tumor and is trying to come to grips with her fate while at the same time trying to prepare Jackman’s character into accept what will come, despite the fact that he’s trying everything within his power to save her. Both Weisz and Jackman’s interaction here is brilliant and emotionally powerful. Their emotion so real that its raw and you end up crying with the both of them at one scene of the film because of how much you care about them and end up grieving for the both of them as well.

It was a great film, probably one of the best films i have seen in years. That’s a huge compliment from me considering that i have walked out of films a lot during the last few years because of the sheer hamminess and predictability of its script and the lousy acting from the cast who seem like they don’t really give a damn about what they are doing. With this film, you can feel the passion behind it and you are swept away with its tragic but hopeful look at the human condition.

Its a brave film that does not let go and you will feel it after its over.