Nadia Fares enters the eye of the Storm


French actress headlining Jamie Blanks’ lattest.

He may have had me at “Urban Legend”, but he just as quickly lost me with “Valentine”. Three strikes and you’re usually out – hopefully Jamie Blanks can therefore hit a six with “Storm Warning”. It’s looking good, I must say.

The Australian filmmaker is returning to his roots with the locally made pic, a curious sounding thriller about a young Melbourne boating couple who get stranded in a swamp and consequently pick the wrong house to take shelter in. It’s the Ripley-esque heroine that apparently has to protect her injured partner and save the day though – uniquely enough.

French actress Nadia Fares, who you may have caught in “The Nest” and more notably, “The Crimson Rivers”, has been signed to play the heroine, Pia. She’ll join local actors Matthew Wilkinson (“Ghost Rider”) and David Lyons.

Now I’m hearing that the script, from horror penner Everett DeRoache (“Razorback”), is an absolute doozie. A real nail-biter. If all the cards fall into place, this could very well be this year’s “Wolf Creek” (though a “Wolf Creek” that is hopefully released at any other time than Christmas Day in the U.S – Struth!).

Be interested in hearing more about this. Hopefully something flitters into the inbox soon.