Swedish director in talks for Deathlok?


The next comic-book movie out of Marvel

Anyone that knows this page, and reads it regularly, knows I’ve read about as many comic books as Paris Hilton’s had acting lessons. Yep, an edition or two of “Archie”, and perhaps a glance at a “Green Lantern” was about as far as I’ve ever got in comic land. Thus, I’ve no idea who the right man to direct the film version of “Deathlok” is. Only knowing the comic through other’s comments, I don’t know whether it calls for someone with edge, someone with a inimitable vision or a quick-cutting MTV-esque filmmaker like Michael Bay. Simply, dunno.

Whatever the case, the guy they’re talking about possibly helming the pic – about a suburban family man becomes the test subject for a technology research lab that transforms him into a living computer – is a chap by the name of Mikael Håfström. In an interview with a site called Moviezine.se (relayed by our pals at Superhero Hype), Håfström said he’s been in talks with Marvel about directing the thing, is a huge fan of comics, and stated that the script is quite good.

Hearing good things about the script for Håfström’s next movie, “1408”, based on the Stephen King yarn and starring John Cusack – About a man who specializes in debunking paranormal occurrences who checks into the fabled room 1408 in the Dolphin Hotel and soon after settling in, he confronts genuine terror – so it’s possible he’s going to be able to do something nifty with the comic material. (Update : according to the trades, Samuel L.Jackson joined the cast of “1408” today, so could be a goodie….or at the very least, something for Sam to ‘act’ in again).

Initially, as you may recall, director Paul McGuigan was linked to the project, but announced in an interview a few days ago that he no longer has anything to do with it.