Campos draws Fourth Blood?


More casting for Sly’s “Rambo” return

Personally, I don’t see it – but then, I probably said the same about the funnyguy from “Moonlighting” being cast as a blood-tainted machine-gun toting action hero.

Bruno Campos, who hit the big time as the charming Diego Vasquez on Christina Applegate’s sitcom “Jesse”, has apparently been cast as a villain in the new “Rambo” flick, according to

Apparently Campos was quite the solid stuff on TV’s “E.R”, so the Demolition Man’s giving him a shot as the film’s main rogue.

Former “Dallas” star Ken Kercheval, Randee Heller (“The Karate Kid”), Tony Burton (“Rocky Balboa”), “Larry Wilcox” (CHIPS), and Avery Brooks (“Star Trek : Deep Space Nine”) have also signed on. (Interesting to note that Kercheval was up for the role of Colonel Keating, a part that ultimately went to James Brolin.)

Casting is now underway for the part of a U.S fugitive, wrongly accused of war crimes, who teams up with John Rambo to fling a few missiles in the bad guys’ direction. According to the site, “Lost” star Matthew Fox is one actor that they’re considering.

The site also confirmed that Stallone would next be turning his attention to a film called “The Kitchen Boys”, about a two brothers coming home to Hells Kitchen from Vietnam.

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