Moviehole Mailbag – 12/4/06


Episode: The One Where Weeksy Kills The Next Reader Who Mentions “The Shiralee”

All hail the king on his triumphant return to the Mailbag for another crack at the title. Adam Weeks back once again while “Hollywood Movie Star” Clint Morris socialises his little brains out with two (count ‘em, 2!) heavyweights of the industry over the next couple of days, and seeks to further push forward his dream project: Jenna Loves Clint. In the meantime, you can get a hold of the man himself by clicking right here.

Q. Hey how you doing Clint! I am so excited about the movies to come this year and in 2007, including X-Men 3 (2006), Superman Returns (2006), Ghost Rider (2007), Fantastic Four 2 (2007), SpiderMan 3 (2007), Transformers (2007), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2007), and Shrek 3 (2007). What are you excited to watch? And any news on the live action Alvin and the Chipmunks, Masters of the universe, and Mighty Mouse ??? – Ralph
A. Well, I can’t speak for the big guy, but I know myself that I’m looking forward to a whole heap of films. They are (in no particular order) “Casino Royale”, “The Departed”, “Zodiac”, “American Dreamz”, “Miami Vice”, “Fearless”, “World Trade Centre”, “Smokin’ Aces”, “Silent Hill” & “Southland Tales”, but I’m sure there will be plenty more as the year goes on.

Q. I would like to order The Shiralee Dvd in a format that can be played in the United States. Where can I find it?! – RDior
A. OK, I’m guessing by that, you mean in NTSC format? Here’s the news sports fans, If you want some “Shiralee” goodness, you can go right here, but you’re gonna need two things: 1). A region free DVD player; 2). PAL compatability.

Q. Viggo Mortensen. Is he dating anyone? Why did his marriage break up?
What is his next movie or does he have a next movie? Alatriste is finished. What’s next? Thanks very much. Could you put me on your email list? Do you have an email list? How will I get your answer/s?
– Lola
A. “I met her in a club down in old Soho, where you drink champagne and it tastes just like Cherry-Cola; C-O-L-A cola; She walked up to me and she asked me to dance; I asked her her name and in a dark brown voice she said Lola….” I know how that song ends, and it ain’t pretty. As far as Viggo’s personal status goes, you’re best bet is to check here. As for his upcoming slate, “Alatriste” is indeed done, and given his recent bout of interviews while he was here in Australia, I think it’s a safe bet that Viggo will probably take a bit of time off.

Q. I have read all James Patterson’s Book. I especially like Alex Cross Mysteries. I would like to see a younger Alex Cross in the movies. I like Morgan Freeman but I believe you would get more mileage with a younger actor like Denzel Washington. Keep up the good work (writing). Sincerely – Jan
A. Ummmm – Thank you?

Q. Anything new on “The Goonies 2” movie? I hear that it’s been done and then I’m hearing that it’s not going to be made! – Paul
A. Right on both counts. Without re-typing the same thing over and over, let me put it this way – it’s pretty darn unlikely that you’ll see a “Goonies 2”.

Q. Hey,
I noticed you have a TV column and you’ve talked about Smallville a few times.
I have heard discussion on a few other sites that 10 may be moving Smallville to Saturdays, but this will cause havoc to those states that screen the AFL and they will therefore miss out on it. I really hope this doesn’t happen, and can’t see why it should.
For starters why aren’t they advertising the fact that Jensen Ackles is now a regular member of Smallville? They could be doing cross-promotion with that and Supernatural, but I am yet to see them start it. They could possibly even have them both on the same night, as I hear they do in the US. Furthermore, I hear that Smallville did very well, supposedly one of it’s best nights with the first episode of series 4 the other night. Why mess with it now? This series is not released on DVD in Australia like all others have been so no-one would have seen it, unless they were able to get it from overseas (or downloaded from the internet). Also, the new Superman movie is about to hit cinemas, surely this will bring bonus points to 10 as well?
I just find it terribly sad if 10 stuff with it now, after saving it from Nine and saying ‘Where it’s meant to be’ in the promos when they announced they had it. All the more sad as this should be an excellent time for Smallvile with the new series 4 (not available in Australia), Jensen Ackles, new Superman movie, and some of the best ratings they have had so far for it, recently (although I wish I had a ratings box myself so I could lend a hand).
Hoping you can shed some light on this,
– Luke
A. Firstly, let me do a quick cut & paste from the boss: “Just so you know, Smallville will not be showing in Melbourne after 20th April due to AFL and Before the Game on Saturday nights. Not sure at this stage when it will be returning to Ten in Melbourne. (Will be on in other states on Sat nights)”
As for my take on the other points – yeah, “Smallville” is doing fairly steady business, but nothing earth-shattering. The first time I ever watched the show was on DVD, and I really enjoyed it, but not to the rabid devotion that some of its fans do. It’s funny that you don’t have a ratings box, isn’t it? – nor does anyone who ever watches a decent show from the sound of it. Channel 10…… I don’t really know where to begin with free to air TV at the moment, we do tend to rag on Ten a fair bit, but 7 & 9 are just as bad. ABC & SBS are real saving graces for me, but since I got Foxtel Digital a couple of years back (which carries them both), I watch less & less “regular” TV for these kind of reasons. My bet is that they will probably run the show up until “Superman Returns” hits the screen, and then quietly dump it from the lineup.

Q. Is the “Yogi Bear” feature film still in development? Can you give us more details on it? – Emily
A. You what now?

Q. Hello! What’s happening with Halo, it should be released next year and I haven’t heard any news lately? It will be delayed or canceled? – Christian
A. Who said it was coming next year? I remember there being a load of discussion about possible scripts & Directors, but that was about it. “Halo” is gonna be a pretty big production if it’s done right, so I probably wouldn’t expect it any earlier than maybe 2008 – 09.

Q. Hi Clint, I wanted to contact Viggo Mortensen, can you please mail me his address? And also wanted to know if he is doing any new movie. – Ulka
A. You ladies really dig a bit of Viggo, don’t ya? To recap my earlier answer – personal details can be found here, next film is “Alatriste”.

Q. hello hello, great site as always.
I heard a rumor online that Viggo Mortenson is gonna be in the new “Die Hard”. They even had a poster with his face and name on it….fake?
PS. I never noticed how hot Anna Faris is until that interview picture you guys have 🙂
– Nick
A. Hey Nick. Dude, are you kidding me? Anna is smokin’ hot on any given day. I think that was a “Maxim” shot or something like that. Anyway, as far as the Viggo – “Die Hard” stuff goes, yeah, that’s definitely a fake bro. It’s not the worst idea in the world to have him as a potential bad guy in the next one though is it?

Q. Hi again. Couple questions. Is their going to be a “Bad Boys 3”? And second are their any plans for a new “Lethal Weapon” DVD with more special features. Thanks. – AJ
A. Even though Will Smith & Michael Bay apparently end up hating each others guts every time they make a film together, Will did mention that he had an idea for another “Boys” installment when he was making numero two – no idea if anything is going to eventuate there or not though. Sadly, no plans on any Extra SE “Lethal Weapon” DVD’s at the moment – maybe when Blu-Ray or HD takes off.

Q. Hey, Love your site, i’ve been a frequent visitor since 2004. Just thought i’d drop in a comment on 20 bad films that you liked. I enjoyed Mannequin, Adventures in Babysitting, Kickboxer, Cocktail and Days of Thunder – i watched them all frequently on video when i was little. Gladiator was fun viewing aswell, i picked up the dvd when it was released in R4 some time ago :), also got excited when it was on Foxtel’s “Showtime Greats” channel awhile back too.
One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Keep up the great work on the site 🙂
– Paul
A. I’m not even gonna get into some of the shocking crap that I love…….