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Star Trek 11 : The Wrath of Paramount

Writer talks on-again off-again on-again prequel film

Though his proposed “Star Trek: The Beginning” script is as dead as a sun-loving centipede, writer Erik Jendresen (“Band of Brothers”) tells that anything could change, and the rusty plate-shaped vessel known as the Enterprise may indeed be flying again soon.

Jenderesen’s script was a prequel, set before the events of the original “Star Trek” TV series and after the events of the recent “Enterprise”.

“So the notion was to do a prequel to the original series and fill that void with, ostensibly, a trilogy,” Jendresen said. “Three films, which all would deal with Kirk’s progenitor, a man by the name of Tiberius Chase… We wanted to reveal the actual cause of [the Romulan] war, which was surprising to all involved at the time. We simply wanted to reveal the truth behind that startling incident.”

But, he says, “There is a producer at Paramount who has been championing this and the notion that we have the opportunity to plug the gap with this trilogy. We have a chance here to fill in the canon, and to create a continuum ostensibly from the beginning from ‘Enterprise’ all the way out to the future.

“It should also be indicated that the ultimate intention here was to craft a story that would not only completely satisfy the fans, but just as importantly, bring new people into the franchise.”

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