Scary Movie 5 is coming!


Anna : Just Say No!

And you’re all to blame. Why couldn’t you just go last-minute Easter egg shopping, instead of feeding the monster?

Hot on the heels of the $41 million dollar opening weekend for “Scary Movie 4”, the Weinstein’s have announced – yep, get excited – “Scary Movie 5”.

It looks like David Zucker – seriously, he’s lost his touch since the fantastic “Airplane” films, don’t ya reckon? – will be back to steer the next stinky ship too. (But first, he’s doing a superhero spoof – which originally, I think, was going to be the basis for a “Scary Movie 4”).

If I were a guessing man – and since I lost the car, house and wife in a poker deal in Vegas, I’m not – I’d say most of the Zucker regulars, like Leslie Nielsen, Charlie Sheen and Regina Hall will probably be back. I’m assuming Anna Faris will come back for the fifth chapter too, since she’s already expressed interest, but I think she’s making a blunder if she does so.

Why? She’s better than that. She’s beyond Cindy Campbell. Four’s enough, ain’t it?

I’m hoping Anna Faris comes to her senses – she’s frickin’ amazing in “Just Friends” and “Brokeback Mountain” – and realises she’s a much better actress than poo jokes and half-cocked movie spoofs, and cops out of the next instalment. I’ll admit, yeah, she’s still the only reason to watch the “Scary Movie” franchise, and I’ll miss her too, but surely some other job-hungry looker can gladly fill her spot, and keep the babe-beseeching male viewer happy? (Heck, Carmen Electra’s not going anywhere). We owe it to Faris, to let her go.

Time to bite into some meat Anna.

No confirmed date on “Scary Movie 5”, but one source tells us that it could be hitting theatres as early as this time next year.