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Caffeinated Clint – 19/4/06

Your “Wonder Woman” votes are in!

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Hope you all had a great Easter break. I tell ya what; Good Friday would have be the most wearisome, dreary day of the year! No shops open! Casinos closed till Midday! Bottle Shops opened lesser hours than normal! Pretty much perfect weather for playing Monopoly with the wife, or washing sheets (maybe not the best example…being that we’re no longer a blog on Penthouse)…but…Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s all about family….and fish sales. Forgot. Anyway, no complaints about only having to work “a few hours” this Easter Weekend. Hope you all got a bit of a break too.

Quarter way through coffee

Over the Easter Weekend, I had to – yeah, that’s right, electric chair, ropes, gun at head…. the works! – Watch the first season of “The Greatest American Hero” on DVD.
Why is it that I’m really enjoying these daggy old shows? I became addicted to watching “21 Jump Street” again, a few weeks ago too, when I was ‘forced’ to watch the DVD series of it. Someone please book me an appointment if I come on here expressing my utmost love for “A Different World” next week.
Yeah OK, so William Katt’s hair was damn terrifying – I thought my ‘Ace Ventura’ effort was a sight to see in the morning! – But this was still one of the most entertaining shows of its time. A lot of it was probably due to the presence of the great Robert Culp. The storyline was also a hoot though – high school teacher by day, daggy superhero by night – and I remembered racing home to watch the pilot all those years ago, just to get my first glimpse of it (showing my age?). Always delivered.
But to my point -yes, I do have one!! – wasn’t the theme song a doozie? Seriously, who doesn’t know ‘Believe it or not’ by Joey Scarbury? It’s one of all the all-time great TV show themes. In fact, I’m betting there’s quite a few that don’t even realise that it was from a TV show…they simply know it as that no.1 song from way back when.

There have been some really good TV themes, over the years, let me think…

– ‘Where Everybody Knows Your Name’ by Gary Portnoy and Judy Hart Angelo (from “Cheers”)
– ‘Without Us’ by Dennis Tufano and Mindy Sterling (from “Family Ties”)
– ‘I’ll be there for you’ by The Rembrandts (from “Friends”)
– ‘Welcome Back’ by John Sebastian (from “Welcome Back Kotter”)
– ‘Faith of the Heart’ by Russell Watson (from “Enterprise”) [Going to get challenged over that one! – Ed] – ‘Happy Days’ by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox (from “Happy Days”)
– ‘C’mon C’mon’ by The Von Blondies (from “Rescue Me”)
– ‘With a Little Help from My Friends’ by Joe Cocker (from “The Wonder Years”)

Hey, here’s an idea: What do you think is one of the really great TV themes? Ones with vocals in it primarily? Email me your responses, and we’ll run them next week, right here. Promise.

Half-way through coffee

Speaking of emailing, you guys did a heap of that through that week. Most of you just wanted to sleep with me, or rub coconut oil on my lobes (I said lobes goddamn it!) but a large quantity of you wanted to tell me who your pick is for the new “Wonder Woman” movie. (For those not keeping up, we had a news item the other day, stating that soap actress Nadia Bjorlin is up for the role – and asked you to right in with your picks). Some surprising answers too.

Seems these are three most popular actresses to take on the role of “Wonder Woman”, based on all the emails I received, anyway:
1) Morenca Baccarin
2) Nadia Bjorlin
3) Charisma Carpenter.

Not far behind though are Eliza Dushku and, surprisingly, Jessica Biel. Yep, seems some of you like the idea – well, Joel Silver’s idea actually – of casting Mrs Biel in the role. I don’t. Not that anyone much gives a cack what I think. Anyway, seems most of you are hot to get “Firefly” star Morena Baccarin into the cockpit of the Invisible Jet, but Nadia Bjorlin has also caught your eye too. Nice pickings. Appreciate everyone’s input.

Here’s some of your responses

Hands down its Jessica Biel. Have you seen the muscle in that woman’s back? And her acting is coming along nicely – Jim

Evangeline Lilly, nuff’ said!! – Paul and Shirley

My pick for Wonder Woman would be… “The Lone Gunmen”s Zuleikha Robinson – Hansaplatz

Hello, my name’s Steven and I was seeing your article on Moviehole about the actresses who should and are being considered for the role of the Amazonian princess and heroine “Wonder Woman”. Now, my pick isn’t actually an actress, but a beauty queen. I’m talking about the 2005 Miss Universe, Natalie Glebova. She’s got it all! She speaks English, she’s 5’10” tall, fit body with long legs, super crystal-clear blue/greyish eyes with dark hair and she is an unknown in the acting world. And may I note as an interesting fact that the infamous Lynda Carter was a former beauty queen (Miss USA) herself back in her day. She didn’t posses that much acting skills but was still chosen with faith that she would develop a historic performance (and she did). Natalie Glebova also resembles a little the young Lynda Carter we all saw and adored, which is good news for the studio execs and Wonder Woman followers. I believe that the actress chosen must be done with a deep thought of consideration of the fans out there; make them believe that the woman on screen IS Wonder Woman and not an actress pretending to be her. And, in my opinion, Natalie Glebova could just do the trick. You can see pics of her at at the Fashion Gallery section. Either way, let’s hope that the movie production goes well and all for the best. – Steven Franco

Lucy Lawless. Given her work on “Xena”, she definitely could pull off being the Amazonian warrior – Michelle

Rebecca Romjin – Tall, athletic and a pretty decent actress. Having played Mystique in “X-Men” doesn’t make her very well known, since she was beneath tons of make-up. Of the ones you suggested: Morena Baccarin – She has a dignified air to her that all the other candidates lack. And Wonder Woman may be a warrior, but she’s also a princess – Claudio

Hi Clint, I just watched this weeks ‘Supernatural’ episode, Provenance, and thought that the actress playing Sarah, Taylor Quinn Cole, Sam’s short-term love interest, would make a much better Wonder Woman than many of those being publicly considered. Taylor Cole is a stunning brunette. She has no problem playing a character that possesses strength and intelligence. Finally, she meets the physical
requirement of being quite statuesque. Put 3″ platform heels on someone 5’81/2″ and she’s up there. Men will love her and women won’t hate her. Joss has a way of picking actors who embody characters we care about. Let’s see if we can’t get her name added to those that Joss and Joel would be considering.
Otherwise, of those on your list, Morena Baccarin would get my vote even though I always imagined she would be quite petite. Shouldn’t Wonder Woman have legs up to her ears? Can I hear a, hell no, to the idea of Mischa Barton. That’s plain silly, superheroes can’t be flaky tarts. And the rest I associate too much with previous
characters they have played. Let’s give someone new a chance to wow us with the magic lasso! Normally I wouldn’t have an opinion. But somewhere in my parent’s basement is a pair of Wonder Woman underoos with matching silver plastic wristbands. I really want them to do this right so that it lives up to my childhood memories. I just dated myself with the underoos bit, didn’t I. Oh well, thanks for listening
– Caroline

Am I the only one seeing it? What about Eliza Dushku? She’s got the right hair colour, a bit of an edge, can kick ass, smokingly gorgeous (and not working on anything at the moment that would take her away). Joss, are you mad?!? – Greg

Yep, just like the subject line says, Morena Baccarin is my only choice.
If Charisma Carpenter gets the role, I’ll still be happy, but Morena’s perfect
– Cboyd

I really believe that J. Biel should play Wonder Woman – Eric

Carmen Electra is a highly skilled gymnast, martial artist, and dancer. Her ebony locks, deep ocean blue eyes, and well endowed figure mirrors every incarnation of the amazing Amazon far better than any other actress. She has proven her acting ability in film and television projects such as “Cheaper by the Dozen 2” , “Summerland” , “Tripping the Rift” , “Starsky & Hutch” , “Scary Movie” , “Hyperion Bay” , and even “Baywatch”. Electra much like Christian Bale as Batman is not a household name and would not overshadow the character as a result – Alex

1) Morena Baccarin 2) Charisma Carpenter – Jessica

Monica Dean (aka Monica Barladeanu). She was on an episode of LOST entitled “The Hunting Party.” – Rick

Nadia Bjorlin is my choice though I’m not sure how great of an actress she is. Looks are right on. I also would love to see Catherine Zeta-Jones in the Red Yellow and Blue. She and Kate Bekinsale would be good but I think they are too well known. Still Catherine is my favorite choice! I judt don’t like Beils at all!! Not attractive in my book. She could pull off the fighting scenes though, I’ll give her that. Not my choice AT ALL! – Eric

Dear Clint, I found your story about actress Nadia Bjorlin being up for the part Diana in the upcoming movie: WONDER WOMAN….as a fan of ms. Bjorlin’s and of the character she played on DAYS OF OUR LIVES, “Chloe Lane”….I would LOVE for her to get the role….I feel she has just the right look and she’s beautiful….along with, the FACT that the young woman CAN also sing if need be… get the WHOLE package with Nadia. – Rayanne

I am not surprised that Nadia is up for the role. She has always been my choice from the beginning. I really hope she gets the part. If I recall, she wanted the role when there was all the talk about the lead. I honesty think that this would be a great move. Like you said she has a fresh face and is little known. If you visit the web site Ultimate Wonder, you will see that she has the most votes in their pole. Thank You for posting your story on Nadia. She would be a great Wonder Woman. I am sure that she is very excited that she might be the one. – Anetdorm

Hey Clint,
My first choice would without question be Charisma Carpenter…She has the body!!!
– Richard

Anne Hathaway. Check her out in “Havoc”. You’ll understand why. Get her working out so she gets a body like Jennifer Garner and you have Princess Diana. – Erik

I think Martha Stewart should be wonder woman. Man is she hot! – Krypton

I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen, that Jessica Biel becomes Wonder Woman. If people sincerely wanted her to be a star, she’d be one by now. We’ve been dealing with this girl since “7th Heaven”, and we’ve gone down action movie road with her, it’s just not impressive. You didn’t mention the rumors that Lindsay Lohan wants the role. She’d be more of a threat with the Box Office appeal than Biel. I’m ALL about Nadia Bjorlin (now). Wonder Woman is all about the piercing blue eyes that can strike fear and love in the hearts of men, and these are the most incredible eyes I’ve seen in a while. Plus she’s a swell actress, and PERFECTLY obscure enough to capture the role. Second, I’ve always been a Rachel Bilson person, and I’ve reconsidered Morena Baccarin. Rachel has the quirky, cute I was born in California thing going on. Very much able to tap into the Buffy sense of humor and sassy appeal.
Baccarin has this exotic Brazilian thing going. But Bjorlin…Those eyes, they are an Amazon’s eyes, and the rest ain’t bad either. Gorgeous, as a matter of fact. She looks like she could have come from another world, or an obscure distant island. She has that innocent, unrelatable, other-worldly quality that Whedon has said he’s wanted for the character, to make Wonder Woman so completely different from “Buffy”. So, there’s my choice
– DG

Rebecca Romjin – Check her out in “Rollerball”. She is Princess Diana. Or, Gabrielle Reese – Fit Beautiful and 6′ 2″ – Perfect – John

Ya know, it’s really hard thing to cast someone like that. I mean before Chris Reeves was Superman there was George Reeves, but with Wonder Woman people only remember Lynda Carter and that’s it. Not that the 70’s show was all that crazy dramatic–although I loved it with an unbridled passion, HOWEVER, now everyone expects Diana to look like Carter; they really are synonymous. Several “Wonder Woman” comic artists, such as Perez and Jimenez, have even admitted to using Carter as a role model for their renderings.
Also, I wonder how much producers are going to just look at the quality of the person, I mean Routh is going to have tons of lil’ boys looking up to him and the new Wonder Woman will have that same pressure also–if not more.
So yeah, you opened up a can of worms for me. But what can I say I love me some Wonder Woman. Here’s my opinion..
Nadia Bjorlin- I’m excited to see this movie with her. I mean “Days of Our Lives” doesn’t really give you the best inclanation of good acting. So we shall see. But as far as looking the part, she’s got it. Shapely. Doesn’t look to young or to old. Also it’s hard to find olive skin, dark hair, and pale blue eyes (which the original wonder woman is supposed to have) She does look very exotic. She also speaks like 5 languages, hence she could probably slip in to Diana’s greek lilt with ease rather than sounding like an extra from MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING. Only negative-she seems to alwasy wear her makeup like a stripper..not my thing.
Charisma Carpenter – OH Lord. I love me some Charsima. Loved her on “Buffy”, Loved her on “Angel”…and she makes me squeal with delight on “Veronica Mars”. But I think she seems a bit worldy for Diana. Diana has to be more innocent. I mean are they going to pick someone who posed for Playboy. I mean, I think that’s fine, but when little girls google wonder woman Charisma Carpenter…do they wanna see boobs and a who who. (yeah, I said it)
Sarah Michelle Gellar – Again, I love me some SMG. You know how us queers love Buffy. Love her, but I think her hubby would be a better fit than Sarah. Too thin, too brooding and she just seems more like a young girl- not a woman. Remember, Diana is immortal.
Katherine Heigl – umm very pretty girl, but now..although I agree with you on Supergirl. Or she’s be a great Black Canary if they ever did that movie.
Mischa Barton – um…grow some breasts…eat a sandwich…learn to act. Although she is good at the lesbian thing, if Silver wants to take Wonder Woman that angle. I’m kidding.
Morena Baccarin – I’d like her too look a little more womanly-lil thin for me. But I do have to agree that she would be good. Great actress. I think she could offer layers to the role.
Jessica Biel – um…didn’t anyone WATCH “7th Heaven”? I couldn’t even stand watching her on an episode of TRADING SPACES…and she was playing herself! If there is a high power, he would not let this happen.
So, thanks for taking time to read this Clint. Thanks for the updates….and you know too bad she is older because Jennifer Connelly wouldn’t be bad.
– Matt

Has to be Charisma Carpenter for me! She has the looks, the body. But most
important … She can act and is a great actress at that. Othern contenders, maybe Eliza Dushku? But if I had to make the decision it would be Charisma Carpenter
– Terry.

Why not Eliza Dushku? She and not Sarah should be considered. I like the Idea of
Morena Baccarin too. Charisma is not my first choice because I like her as more a Bitchy type roles but I would not complain on her as Wonder Woman. And I agree
Rachel Bilson should be the “OC” Babe considered. And while I liked Jessica Biel In
“Blade Trinity” I would prefer Eliza or Morena or even Charisma or Rachel.
– Chris

Mr Morris, Thought I’d jump sites for a second when I saw your “suggest Wonder Womans” bit. (And yes, “Wonder Womans” is actually more correct than “Wonder Women” in this scenario.) All the actresses that have been up for it have either the face for it, the body for it, or the screen presence for it, but none of them have all of
them combined. I was discussing this earlier today with a friend, and, as clichéd a suggestion as this is, I gotta go with Angelina. It’s the obvious choice, but she really does have everything the role requires. Also, I smell some major opportunities for product placement in the film. Hera help us,
– Latauro (AICN)

I have two favourites– 1. Cobie Smulders. She’s the tall brunette on the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS. 2. Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, a 5’10” brunette with many TV and film credits. I hope Joss Whedon and Joel Silver will meet both of them – Michael

Clint- Love your website btw. I agree completely about Charisma Carpenter but when I first heard of a WW movie, the first name that popped up in my mind (and well as certain features) was Shannon Elizabeth. She has the curves, the acting chops and the previous action sequences (to a degree). Thought I would toss her name into the hat. She’s still my first option. Mischa Barton??? Puh-leeze! – Stygian

Three quarters the way through coffee

Keeping this one short. Let’s just say, you scrub my back, I’ll scrub yours. There’s no free ride of promotion here at the ‘hole, if it’s all going to be one way. You have to help us out first, if you want a little bit of a pushie for that filmie. Geddie?
Think about that, before you come suckin’ up for a little bit of a “push” from us – did you respond to our emails about an interview, set-visit or review request? Noooo….
So sorry folks, you can forget about a 12-page editorial dedicated to the Jenna Jameson collection. All I wanted was to test the warmth of her spa.

One sip to go

It makes sense that I should probably complain about it. The last sip. The last drop of coffee in my foam cup. I hate it when it comes to that. Suddenly, everything I enjoyed a few minutes ago – is gone. Whammo. The refreshing milky substance running down my throat….the warmth in my tum-tum from it’s goodness…..the unmistakeable feeling of that first hit of caffeine….so, so sad when it all ends. Seriously thinking about becoming a ‘2 Coffees’ a day man. See the rest of you at ‘the meeting’. Sniffle.

DVD of the week
The Greatest American Hero : Season One – As I mentioned above, I had a great time revisiting the series. The transfer is a little so-so, but there’s some good extras on there – including interviews with near everyone associated with the show, including “Eddie” himself, Michael Pare. Was also a hoot seeing the unaired pilot for “The Greatest American Heroine”.

Theatrical release of the week
The World’s Fastest Indian – Not a great week for releases, if you ask me, so this was a hard pick. Still, this is an enjoyable film – it just could have been a lot better – with an entertaining performance by Anthony Hopkins. Who really impressed me in this movie though was co-star Christopher Lawford (one of the Kennedy’s) – for a politician, he’s a good actor. Aren’t they all?

This Week’s Useless bit of Advice
If the title of the movie you’re about to watch features either of the words “Dude”, “White Castle”, “Bogus”, or “Ghoulies”, best to make sure there’s a slab of beer on hand.

Missing Career Alert
Joyce Hyser – Remember “Just One of the Guys”? Well, she was the chick that dressed as the guy. From then on, she was only ever offered teenage film roles – though she did do a spot on “LA Law” for a while – and apparently preferred to do anything but. According to a recent special on VH1, she’s now tinkering with own TV shows and films. Will inevitably make an appearance in the inevitable remake of her breakthrough film (Or did she miss the boat on that one? – see “She’s the Man” (2006)).

5 things you didn’t know about me (and probably don’t care to know)
1. Elle MacPherson does nothing for me.
2. Jennifer Hawkins does heaps for me.
3. One of my very first interviews in this fickle game of journalism was with captain Qantas, John Travolta.
4. Use to host a radio show in my youth called “Saturday Night Live”. Never did respond to that call from listener, Lorne Michaels.
5. I’ve never been to Adelaide. The City of Churches, EzyDVD and Adam ‘Weeksly’ Weeks.

[Australia Only] What’s on this week?

Prison Break – Wednesday 8:30PM, SEVEN– Our old friend, Muse Watson, gets more of a look-in tonight when Westmoreland is roped into joining the escape team. I ask, is there ever a bad episode of this show? It’s sensational.
E.R – Wednesday 9:30PM, NINE– Was always more of a “Chicago Hope” fan, than an “E.R” fan, but there’s no denying this is a good show. Tonight’s episode is pretty gripping – Neela and Gallant make the hotheaded choice to get married – the same day, whilst the mother of a young boy with HIV refuses to believe that the disease causes AIDS.
Lost – Thursday 8:30PM, SEVEN – Finally, we get to see the story of the other stranded troupe. Some sweet stuff at the end when a husband and wife come face to face again. Still a few episodes away from the good stuff though (you should’ve seen the episode last week in the states – a ripper!)
Love My Way – Sunday 8:30, PM, W – I haven’t seen this final episode of the season, but it looks like it’s going to be a goodie. Guess who’s pregnant?
Jersey Girl – Wednesday 10:50PM, MOVIE ONE – This is perceptibly director Kevin Smith’s most personal film to date. From the topic of raising a daughter to the differences between living in a small town and a big city – he clearly knows what he’s talking about. Best of all, he injects a sense of level-headedness and kindness into proceedings here, which is about as welcome as it is surprising. The same person that enjoyed “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” and “Mallrats” isn’t going to enjoy “Jersey Girl” the same way as those films. But if said person has a heart, can appreciate some solid storytelling and a bravura couple of performances, then he should enjoy it just as much.

5 things that happened in TV-ville this week
1. Channel TEN – and we’re thinking it has a lot do with our brouhaha! – has overturned their decision to screen “Smallville” on Saturday nights in some states and not in others. It’s apparently staying put. Three cheers!
2. My gal, Natalie Bassingthwaite, has been nominated for a Gold Logie. We’ll be ‘watching you’ Nat.
3. reported the devastating news that “Gilmore Girls” might not be back next season. Watch this space.
4. Rod Stewart is to appear on this week’s “American Idol” in the states. [More] 5. In a newspaper poll, conducted by The Herald Sun, Mike Munro was voted the most popular replacement host for Eddie on “Who wants to be a Millionaire”. John Wood, of “Blue Heelers”, was a close second.

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