Sin-Jin Smyth gets Booked


Get your first look at the upcoming horror movie

Great to see the collector’s book, tied to a film, is alive and well. Can’t tell you many threadbare pages there are in my “Return of the Jedi: Companion to the Film” book, but the dog-ears of the page corners only substantiate it’s readability. (Either that, or how deprived I was for reading material as a youngster).

Another piece of film-inspired prose that’s likely to be just as ultimately dilapidated over at the Morris mansion, is this little baby: The Special Edition Story/Collector’s Book of “Sin-Jin Smyth” – one of the most anticipated horror films in years, starring 80’s king of the ring, Roddy Piper – which hits shelves shortly.

We’re told the book (rumoured to be a limited edition release) will include interviews with the cast/crew, exclusive pictures, concept designs and a few surprises. The official title for the book is “Sin-Jin Smyth : Unleashed”, and it’s been penned by project creator Ethan Dettenmaier. So, unlike my “Jedi” book – which George Lucas probably hasn’t even seen – the man behind the movie is actually involved in this thing, so it’s bound to be worth a pick-up, read and place on the pine bookshelf.

Said book will not only feature the rough and tumble characters in the film, but also incorporate new characters, story mythology, concept art (by Sin-jin Smyth Concept artist John Turner), history, parallel storylines and the presence of Mr. Sin-Jin Smyth himself.

Pre-order sales will be available at Apex Publications, for the special pre-order price of $7.99.