Dukes of Hazzard ride again


But without Jessica Simpson in the shorts

Think you can fill the shorty shorts of the Daisy Dukes? Well go to it then, because Jessica Simpson’s definitely not going to be filling them a second time ‘round. And frankly, if you can talk reasonable English – and have the ability to shake your ass on cue – you’re in with a good chance.

Warner Bros.has announced a prequel to the recent film adaptation of “The Dukes of Hazzard” with – surprise, surprise – an all-new cast.

Seems Simpson, Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott and Burt Reynolds – when Burt Reynolds passes on a role, you know you’re in a bad place – have all walked. Brains, it seems, can be purchased later on in life.

According to Cinemablend.com and Productionweekly.com, the new “Dukes” movie, set to be released direct-to-video, will chronicle Bo and Luke Duke’s first few weeks in Hazzard County. Straight-away, they’re put to work as moonshine runners for their Uncle Jesse, but just as quick, make an enemy in Boss Hogg – who’s trying to establish a moonshine monopoly of his own, apparently at the expense of Uncle Jesse’s somewhat illegitimate booze business. As usual, Boss Hogg’s first move is to foreclose on the Duke farm, and while the boys try to save it, we learn the origins of the General Lee and Daisy Duke’s daisy dukes.

Veteran director Bob Berlinger, whose credits include “Arrested Development”, “Gilmore Girls” and “Two and a Half Men”, will steer the new General Lee into Blockbuster. Casting is currently underway, with production set to begin mid-June in sunny Los Angeles.