Freddy Vs. Leatherface?


“Texas Chainsaw” actor wants to be Jason!

So, I was talking to Andrew Bryniarski, you know, the new Leatherface in the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake? Anyway, he tells me he’s hot to play Jason Voorhees in the next – whatever it may be – “Friday the 13th” movie, and has let the studio know that he’s dead keen to don the hockey mask.

Needs a bit of help though.

“I want to play Jason….I may play Jason”, he says. “They don’t have a script, and they aren’t in talks with anybody yet”.

New Line are said to be toying with a few ideas for the next “Jason” movie, including a prequel to the first film, and a “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael” movie.

Whatever it is, he wants in.

He’d be good. He’s big. He’s menacing. He’s a fit. If you want to see Leatherface as the new Jason, “Write or call platinum dunes”, he says, and hopefully they’ll let “Ya speak yer mind on casting me as Jason. It’s their call.

Meantime, you can [soon] catch Mr Bryniarski in the forthcoming “Texas Chainsaw” prequel, which he stresses is going to knock your booties off. “[The] Prequel rocks like a mother. The script is excellent – so is the film”, he says.

The horror fave next appears in Tom Savini’s “The Forest” with, ironically enough, former Jason Voorhees, Kane Hodder.