Revenge of the Fanboys


Newman and Goldberg do Lewis and Gilbert

Was wondering whether this baby was still happening – it’s been over a year since it was first announced – but the good news, my fellow Lewis/Gilbert buffs, is that the long-awaited rebuild of “Revenge of the Nerds” is still very much a go-picture.

Kyle Newman, director of the upcoming “Fanboys” (which sounds frickin’ fantastic), has been tapped to helm the remake, which will be produced – and executive produced by Adam Brody, of “The O.C”, I hear – by “Charlies Angels” captain McG. Adam F.Goldberg, also on “Fanboys” fame, has written the screenplay (Heard he may also be on the new “Jetsons” movie too).

Last year, rumours surfaced that original “Nerds” star Robert Carradine might’ve been helming the remake. Obviously, FOX decided they wanted a return on their investment.