Dushku, Arnold and Boothe for new Season


Cast fills for D.M Evans’ baseball film

My good pal David Mickey Evans – yep, same guy behind those eternally-popular “Sandlot” movies – is about to get going on a new baseball flick (one without a slobbering dog) called “The Final Season”, which is set to lens soon in Iowa.

In it, Sean Astin plays the new coach of the Norway High baseball team, an ensemble that’s out to win their 20th state title, in what could be their concluding season.

I see there’s been an unveiling of some of the film’s fine supporting cast this week, which, among others, features “True Lies” duet Eliza Dushku and Tom Arnold. Dushku – replacing originally cast Amy Acker (“Angel”) – will play an attractive lawyer representing the State’s side in the redeployment, and Arnold has been cast as the father of one of the star players (Michael Angarano).

Also cast in the film – which, I hear, has a killer script – are Powers Boothe (“Deadwood”), James Gammon (“Major League”), Larry Miller (“Pretty Woman”), and, amusingly enough, Mackenzie Astin.

The film was set to shoot last year, as you may have read on the official site, but was delayed – hence the change in some of the line-up. (Also initially cast, according to the OS, were Tyler Hoechlin, Sam Elliot and Katherine Ross – no longer part of the film).

More on this one shortly….but it sounds like it’s going to be a winner.