Clint’s Review : Candy


The new film starring Heath Ledger and Abbie Cornish

Like the sugar-tainted confectionary itself, the latest big Aussie contender is, I suppose, rather sweet. On the other hand, it’s as far from a cluster of Allen’s snakes or a handful of sticky Minties as could be, resembling more a sour worm – tasty, sure, but something that definitely leaves you with a somewhat unsolicited aftertaste.

There’s no way around it, “Candy” is a depressing film. You’ll want to lock the noose away in the cupboard after watching it, that’s for sure. Considering the subject of the film though – young lovers who succumb to a life of hard drugs – you’d expect nothing less. Not if the film was going to ring true at all, anyway.

Abbie Cornish plays the title character, and Ledger plays her mixed-up loser boyfriend, Dan. Together, they’re experiencing the world of drugs together. Living such a rancid lifestyle comes with a price though – and in Candy and Dan’s case, it’s both a financial adversity, and ultimately, a tragic corporeal mauling, that starts off the downfall.

Frankly, I was ready to write this off as merely an Australian version of a film done plenty of times by our comrades – and admittedly, some of our best films are merely locally made variations on Hollywood films – in the states (think “Rush” or ”Requiem for a Dream”), but when the realisation sinks in that you’re wedged in the sinking boat with these characters, and become desperate to reach out to help, it’s clear you’re linked to what’s going on on-screen. [More]