Is Die Hard 4 ready?


Finally, they might have a script

Sounds like the Singlet’s closer to getting a blood and sweat splashing, again.

In an interview with IGN FilmForce, “Die Hard 4” producer Arnold Rifkin – who is partnered with Bruce Willis in the production company Cheyenne Enterprises – says they may finally have a script (still can’t work out why they just didn’t retool “16 Blocks” or “Hostage” to fit the McClane character? Wouldn’t have been too difficult at all), after all these years of nutting out ideas.

“The most recent attempt, draft is on the table, and if the parties [20th Century Fox and Willis] agree, we have a script”, says, whose latest film as producer is the Lindsay Lohan vehicle “Just My Luck”.

Originally rumoured to be directing the film was John McTiernan, helmer of the first and third “Die Hard” films, but the director’s recent legal woes related to the much-publicized Anthony Pellicano case has put a stop to that. Asked whether there’s any chance that McTiernan might still get the job, Rifkin said: “Not a chance. I don’t say that pejoratively. We’re going to find a new, young, exciting [director]. Well, it’s kind of tough to get John [now]. He might not be available.”

We’re taking bets : What will be out first, “Die Hard 4” or “Indiana Jones 4”?