Yet another reader review for The Fountain


Word from the Latest Test Screening

‘Left Lace’ checks in with his/her opinion on the new Hugh Jackman/ Rachel Weisz film “The Fountain”. This one seems to be generating some good feedback, so far, so might turn out even better than we [I, especially] expected it to – especially after all it’s pre-prod problemos.

The Fountain
By ‘Left Lace’

Good evening, I don’t know much about the time difference between America and Australia but I just wanted to say good evening to you anyway( and If not, good morning). Anyway I had just seen the new Darren Aronofsky film called “The Fountain” up here in Boston about a few hours ago in a special test screening. I think they were looking opinions on how the audience reacted in order to try to sell this film when it’s released in the theaters. They even went as far as to ask our opinion on which movie poster we liked the most and how we would describe this film to our friends. I will tell you what I told one of the people taking the survey, it’s a very good film and I think its one of the best films I have seen in quite some time.

The movie stars Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman and they play star cross lovers trying to beat process of death though out three different time periods. One has to do with the time of the Spanish conquistadors, the other has to do with the present time and the last has to do with the future. Weisz and Jackman play variations of their characters during theses time periods and they are all in a race against time to cheat death. Weisz and Jackman have great chemistry together on screen and they both make this film a believable look at timeless love even when the premise itself gets a bit too out there towards the end of the film. Rachel Weisz is probably one of the best and bravest actors working in film today and her performance is such a emotional kick in the gut that you do end up crying for her in certain scenes of the film, especially towards the middle of the film when her character in the present is slowly dying of an inoperable brain tumor. Her great performance here it’s at its peak and it’s a sober and realistic look at a real person who is dying and is trying to come to grips with her own mortality. Hugh Jackman
cements himself even further as one of the best actors around as well with a great performance that is just as good as Weisz and it gives the movie the edge it needs for the audience to be just as desperate as he is to save the love of his life and to be touch by his own personal journey as well to seek out the whole meaning of life and death. Both actors are at there peak here and I think the movie would be well worth the wait if you are looking for an alternative to the summer gluttony that is coming very soon.

Thank you very much for your time and have a good night (Or Morning)