Boy From Oz, Officially a Tourist?


What’s next for Wolverine?

He apparently steams up the screen for a few minnies in “X-Men 3” – in a scene with a certain female comrade – but you’ll get a bigger look at Hugh Jackman’s passion pack, apparently, in a “sexy” new thriller he’s doing with the producers of “Die Hard”.

Producer Arnold Rifkin tells IGN FilmForce that the Boy from Oz will headline “The Tourist”, a Marcel Langenegger-directed film about “…about a demented young man who realizes the opportunity – there’s nothing in life he won’t do to gain what he wants, including taking people’s lives.”

Rifkin, whose also currently working on “Die Hard 4”, continues “There exists truly in New York what’s known as a phone club and you simply call up and say, ‘Are you free tonight?’ The other individual on the other side says ‘Yes,” and they say, ‘Fine. Plaza Hotel. 11 o’clock in front of the Blue Boy painting.'”

“It’s about A-type people who also need their pleasure. They want their intimacy but their privacy and they don’t want a relationship. And they don’t want their lives interfered with (by) the complications of love,” Rifkin continued. “They just want to – I can’t say what they’re going to do. Surrounding that is two extraordinary male roles. Obviously the character of Wyatt, who is the antagonist, searches for people who are anonymous to the world. It was an astounding experiment in research of how many people live a life [with] no relatives. … Hugh Jackman fell in love with it. He’s playing Wyatt.”