Michael Biehn talks Grind House


And has a new film with Wesley Snipes

In a podcast over at his fan club site, 80s icon Michael Biehn confirmed that he is indeed part of the ensemble cast of Rodriguez/Tarantino’s “Grind House”, and that the film has indeed shut down temporarily – but not for good, as others have reported.

He has to return to Texas later on, around June, to shoot “a few more scenes” for the film, says Biehn. Meantime, he’s going to shoot another movie.

“It’s been an absolutely amazing experience on Grindhouse. [I] love Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. Rodriguez is an immensely talented guy…and I think it’s just going to be an amazing movie.

Meantime, whilst “Grind House” is on momentary hold, Biehn is going to Europe to re-team with his “Art of War” co-star Wesley Snipes for the actioner “Shooter”. Following the five-week shoot, he’ll return to Texas to finish the former.

“Shooter” – from Lighthouse, who are currently prepping “Showgirls 2”- will see Snipes play an ex-CIA operator who is reactivated in order to take out a renegade agent.

Thanks to ‘Joel’