Goldberg penning The Jetsons movie


Is this thing finally going to happen?

As I mentioned a couple of days back, Adam F.Goldberg (“Fanboys”) has been hired to write the live-action “Jetsons” movie for Warner Bros. Today, Variety confirmed that bit, adding that the toon transfer is on the fast track, with producer Donald De Line (“The Italian Job”) joining the production.

Though Denise Di Novi (“Catwoman”) is still onboard to produce, and she’s great, she has been working at this thing for over a decade now, so hopefully the addition of De Line to the project might see it gather steam.

No word whether Adam Shankman (“Bringing down the House”) is still attached to direct. Could easily have changed. After all, there’s been more crew reshuffling on this than a manager mixes up his hotel staff. Before Shankman, Rob Minkoff (“Stuart Little”) was attached to direct – mind you, this was about five years ago – and at one stage, both Joe Dante (“Gremlins”) and Peter Segal (“Tommy Boy”) were tapped to helm. There have been just as many writers on the project too, including Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski, and later, Paul Foley & Dan Forman.

The film – which, at one time, was rumoured to be circling Steve Martin to play bumbling George Jetson – will again tell the space-set adventures of the Jetson family, and father George’s run-in with boss, Mr Spacely.

There hasn’t been any good casting rumours on this for a while. Several years ago – besides the oft-rumoured Martin – there was talk that Charles Grodin was a favourite to play the lead, with Danny De Vito in talks to play Spacely. More recently, some online sites reported that Britney Spears was up for the role of Judy Jetson. Err.