Moviehole MailBag – 4/5/06


Episode : The One with the sequel addicts

Keen to know what else ‘that guy’ from ‘that show, which the title of escapes me’ has been in? Or need a link to buy “The Shiralee” on DVD? Need the Hebrew translation of what Tom and Katie’s new bub means? (Besides ‘More publicity’), or simply fancy a one-word answer (usually ‘dunno’) as to when “Indiana Jones 4” will hit theatres? Email Clint.

Q.the review of M:I III. I wasn’t really wanting to see it until I read your review – you make it seem exciting, unlike the others in the series. I can’t wait to check it out. Nice review. I always read you guys reviews before I see movies, I think you are always on target, at least with my tastes anyways…keep up the good work! – Cody H
A. Cheers Cody. Much appreciated. You’ll always get an honest opinion here, I can promise you that, even when it’s giving the thumbs up to a film that maybe critics shouldn’t be liking – say a lame, but enjoyable Adam Sandler comedy or a cheesy horror remake – we’ll stick to our guns. The amount of times I’ve seen a critic in a theatre watching a no-brainer comedy and laughing his arse off…only to totally trash the film in his review…it’s ridiculous. I say, say it like it is. If you like it, say it. No amount of free film merchandise or set-visits to Paul W.S Anderson’s latest is worth it…. honesty is foremost. People will respect you more if you tell them what you really think, rather than what you think they’ll expect to hear.

Q.”Showgirls 2”? WTF? The first one was just OK…why make a second one? When is that gonna happen? Who is the cast? Who is the distributor? When will it be out? – Nico
A. Oh, You forgot to also ask, ‘When do you think my sequence of questions will finish’? Struth. OK, first things first, don’t blow your load just yet…it’s a long ways off. If I were a guessing man, I’d say it’s going be a direct-to-video sequel – and with none of the original cast, and with a director straight from ‘Just filmed a wedding’ film school. A Germany outfit is going to finance the thing…. so I think it’s safe to say it’ll be a case of penetration before plot.

Q.The news about the “Friday” prequel getting shelved, is it real? Can u confirm it? It’s terrible. I can’t believe the dream is over… again. No “Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash”, no Tarantino ‘Ultimate Jason’ movie, and now, no prequel and no remake! New Line is having fun with us. Please give me good news. Please! – Ryan
A. Can’t confirm that the new Jason movie is dead – I dare say he’ll return in some, er, shape, soon enough – but I do have some good news: Tyra Banks will not be in the next one. Rest easy my friend, rest easy.

Q.I’m Francesco from Italy. How are u today? First of all, thanks ’cause your site is really great! You and B-D have the best movie sites ever. So thanks again. And second… do you know more about the new “Friday the 13th” and the new “Nightmare” prequel?
I’m 31 so I grew up with all the Jason and Freddy stuff and I loved “Freddy vs. Jason”. I really would like to see a VS sequel but NL decided to bring 2 new prequels to both franchises. Yes… better than nothing, but we know just few things, the new “Friday” will have a very young Jason, and the nightmare prequel could be a boring “CSI” like movie. Do you know more?
– Francesco
A. At this stage, both the “Nightmare” prequel and the “Friday” prequel are on hold – so the rumour mill says. Personally, I think the ‘origins’ tales are the way to go, it’s something fresh for a change, and I know for a fact that the scriptment for the “Freddy” prequel is an absolute gem. I’m hoping it comes to fruition. Meantime, here’s another truly frightening film to hold you over…

Q.Didn’t Neve Campbell say she wasn’t going to do a “Scream 4”? – Festy
A. Didn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger say he wasn’t going to do a “Terminator 3” if James Cameron wasn’t involved?

Q.Did Gossip Monkey really see “X-Men 3”, or is this anonymous source a studio person just promoting the movie? – Thade
A. ‘Monkey’ indeed has had a peek at “X-Men 3”, from what I hear, and enjoyed it immensely. Ha. The dude can’t even get a walk-in pass over at FOX at the moment, let alone a job there, so definitely not a studio employee. In short, and for those that regularly ask, ‘Monkey’ is a screenwriter and producer who has worked on films for the likes of Tom Cruise and Steve Buscemi. The reason he doesn’t wish to be disclosed? He just doesn’t fancy sharing a cell with John McTiernan.

Q. I remember a lot of people wanting Mark Hamill to play the Joker [in “Batman Begins 2”] a while back – has the WB considered him at all?/ – Dave
A. Had a chat to someone at Warner, a couple of months back, about all these Joker rumours and according to him/her, nope, Hamill has never been considered. Apparently he’s just someone that the fans put forward. Don’t be surprised if he does get a meeting though…. after all, Warner does look to the web for help with casting these “Batman” movies. As I mentioned the other day, Christian Bale was never on the WB’s radar – well, he was, but not to the extent that he was their first and only choice for Batman – until you guys on the net started throwing his name about. So let it be heard…if you want Luke Skywalker as your new clown prince of crime, say it loud!

Q.Any word on who is writing “Scream 4”? Who is possibly directing? And any news regarding the possible storyline? – Isaac
A. All I can tell you is, the outline for it is rough, but intriguing…. but I’ve no idea who is going to write or direct. I believe the Arquette’s have a large involvement in it – but can’t really swell on that.

Q.”Dog Soldiers” is one of a few DTV releases that I have liked, is there any news of a sequel? – J
A. Now, just for the record, “Dog Soldiers” was only a direct-to-video release in some territories. In most countries, it got a theatrical release. But to your question, yes, there is a sequel in the works. “Dog Soldiers 2: Fresh Meat”, from writer/director Rob Green, will tell the continuing story of Pvt. Laurence Cooper, the chap who survived the first film. They had planned to have the film out this year, but it was delayed, and won’t be ready for release until 2007.

Q.Years ago, when I heard tell of a “Wonder Woman” feature film, I instantly thought of Shannon Elizabeth. She’s still right at the top of my list. She has the larger-than-life presence I think a super powered woman would have. However, when I saw Sarah Shahi, one of the stars of the new NBC comedy “Teachers”, I changed my mind. Yeah, I love Elisha and Morena but when I think of WW I think of a woman with a wondrous physique, like Sarah Shahi has. That’s my two cents. – Ben
A. Thanks for your two-cents.

Q.Nadia Bjorlin is perfect for the ‘Wonder Woman’ costume and tiara. She has the face, figure and she can act. And if WW ever needed to sing, she could do that better than most too. And you wouldn’t have to change her hair colour or make her wear a waist cinch. I think Lynda Carter would approve – M
A. Now if you could give me two-cents too, I’d have four-cents. (Hey, did you say “Wonder Woman” singing? Oh hell no!). You know Lynda Carter doesn’t get casting approval, right?

Q.I love your site and visit it every day. I have read previous requests to help solve questions on movies/TV etc etc. I love “In living color” and finally bought all of them on DVD. However I was trying to find out if they omitted some of the work. I loved the parodies of music videos – Paula Abdul / crystal waters / Michael Jackson. However I cannot locate them on the DVD sets.
– Kenneth
A. Can anyone help this lad out? Haven’t seen all the sets myself.

Q. 1) “Hulk 2” is back at Marvel and on the fast track.
2) “Hulk 2” has a writer, as we all know, who is Zak Penn.
3) ‘Hulk 2” has financing and is moving towards a 2008 release.
The last thing Eric Bana said is “Nobody is talking about Hulk 2”. Things have changed. If “Hulk” starts filming in 2007 or 2008 will Eric still be under contract? Even if his contract is expired is he interested in reprising his role? Maybe if he got the money he wants, the director he wants, etc…Give him a ring and let us know. And tell him we ALL want him back. There is probably nobody out there that wasn’t happy with his performance. Everyone wants him back…or perhaps he would prefer to play Tony Stark? Hmm
– Blades_Shades
A. Funnily enough, Bana’s phone has been off the hook since this “Hulk 2” news was announced. Hmmm. Will look into it.

Q.Hello Clint, I’m an American who would love to see more Australian film & TV but I believe Aussie productions are being blocked here in America. I am a dedicated fan of Bryan Brown. I have been trying to find a copy of “The Shiralee” in Region1 format for a long time. It just isn’t available!! As much as Hollywood whines about censorship they still force the Region System down everyone’s throat. I sincerely hope the efforts of Bryan Brown and others working to advance Australian film enjoy great success as we will all benefit. Unfortunately, at present they are now planning to encode the DVDs to thwart the region free players. A PAL format VHS tape on Ebay may cost me $10 shipping & handling plus $30 to reformat. If there is someplace in Australia that offers films or TV programs in Region 1 format, please give me their address. If it doesn’t come through Masterpiece Theater like “The Thornbirds” or “Alice”, we don’t get it here. – Mary
A. Adam, you there?

Q.Hey Clint, What’s up? You caught “Kokoda” yet? One of my pals saw it and said some of the Australian accents were to hard understand! Said it was an ok movie though. Dude! What is up with the “Superman Returns” trailer? When are we going to see something? What the hell are Warner Bros thinking!
– Ashley
A. Hi Ashley. Nope, haven’t seen “Kokoda” yet, but I have seen the “Superman Returns” trailer and now… will too.

Q.Heard any other actresses names being branded about for the “Batman” sequel? – Julie
A. Rachel Weisz, Rachel McAdams…but nothing to put too much stock into.

Q.Will you tell Joss Whedon to make another “Firefly” movie, please! – Kel
A. Joss! Make another “Firefly” movie!

Q.I love you and your sense of humour – Caroline
A. And I love you and those randy polaroids you emailed though.

Q.So, if you’ve got a day job, what hours do you usually update the website? And also, what motivates you? – Nita
A. I usually update the site after work, sometime after 8pm EST. What motivates me? Knowing that good folks like you are waiting apprehensively for my daily rant, raves and news updates. (Either that or the warm and fuzzy feeling one gets in helping someone find “The Shiralee” on DVD).

Q.Why do you call him “Gossip Monkey”? – Kane
A. He’s been known to eat what he poops. Simple.

Q.Are we ever going to see the new “Police Academy” film? – Lisa
A. Actually, yes, and sooner rather than later. It was on the backburner for a while, but the long-awaited “Next Generation” film – reuniting the original cast, with a new troupe of young cadets – has swung back into production over at Warner, I hear. Casting will reportedly get underway shortly (Behold, the return of Bobcat Goldthwait.) With this, “Porky’s”, and the “Revenge of the Nerds” remake, 2007 might be the year the T ‘n A comedy clunker makes its welcome homecoming. Hanging for that longed-for “Joysticks” redo, you?

Q.Is the “American Gothic” movie still happening? – Michael
A. No.

Q.Whose going to star in “The Greatest American Hero” movie? – Brian
A. Owen Wilson has always been the frontrunner. Why, want to put forward Rikkie Lee Travolta’s name?