The Silver Surfer joins Fantastic Four


Another superhero helping out the blue crew?

As previously rumoured, popular Marvel comic book character The Silver Surfer is set to join The Fantastic Four on screen, for the blue crew’s next adventure.

Though once rumoured to be debuting in his own film, Surfer will now be popping up as a key player in “Fantastic Four 2”. Though there are two different scripts that the studio has to choose from – one by “Twin Peaks” scribe Mark Frost and another by Don Payne, of “Super Ex-Girlfriend” – they both apparently feature the probably Surfer, according to Variety.

Keanu Reeves, The Rock, and Vin Diesel are just some of the actors whose names have been branded about for the role of The Silver Surfer – a galaxy-cruising protector endowed with superhuman strength, who is able to control and direct cosmic energies, with enough force to destroy a city – in the past, when it was initially going to be it’s own stand-alone project. The budget of this film is probably so far blown it won’t be able to stretch anymore for as big a name – so wouldn’t expect any of those guys to be riding the board.

“Fantastic Four 2” will be rocking into theatres July 4, 2007.