Another Star Wars movie?


Producer is dead keen to see the film series continue

Seems the “Star Wars” film franchise mightn’t have ended with Vader ‘rising’ from that bench, after all…well, not if Lucasfilm’s Rick McCallum has his way, anyway.

Asked by IESB if he would like to continue the “Star Wars” series on the big screen, Uncle George’s right-hand man said he’d “definitely” love to see another “Star Wars” film back at theatres before you, me, and Judd Nelson are six feet in soil.

Assumingly, any new “Star Wars” movie/movies won’t have anything to do with the long-suffering Skywalker clan, but centre on another bunch of galactic space heroes. If I were a betting man – and for the sake of my bookie reading this news item, I aren’t – I’d put money on a film idea spawning from the “Star Wars” TV series that is currently in early-development. It’s said to be fixing around the world of the bountyhunters. Now, how cool would a film about some of those hired guns, like Bobba Fett, be? Just guess work.

Meantime, McCallum confirmed that the original “Star Wars” films will be re-issued at theatres in future – as 3-D releases. Nice.