Speedy movement on Flash movie


An update from writer/director David Goyer

Just like the perpetual Kimberley from “Melrose Place”, Writer/director David Goyer’s plans for “The Flash” movie just won’t give up the ghost.

Originally announced back in 2004, the film adaptation of the DC comic has been a long-time coming, with some even speculating that the studio had ultimately decided to pass on the superhero caper. Not so, says Goyer, confirming that the project is still very much alive and that things are about to kick-off.

Talking to IESB, the “Blade Trinity” writer/director said the script is written and that he’s “just doing some revisions, and he’ll be in the studio at the end of the month”.

In the movie, a youngster named Wally West is touring the crime scene lab of his uncle, Barry Allen, when he’s doused in chemicals – after a lightning bolt strikes them – ultimately enabling him to run faster than any other human being on earth.

It’s still the plan to cast Ryan Reynolds – who worked with Goyer on “Blade Trinity” – as the fast-running hero, Wally West, in the film.

In an interview with Moviehole way-back-when, Reynolds says he’s excited about the prospect of playing the popular comic book character. “Wally West is a guy that likes to have a bit of fun in his life. He’s a little bit sarcastic, a little bit acerbic…but I’d love to inject a little bit more heart into Wally. I think it’d be really cool. I mean David explained the story to me –wow, Holy Shit. His rough story for The Flash is just fucking mind-boggling. I hesitate to say its one of the best script stories I’ve heard for a long, long time. So yeah, if it were to come to fruition I’d be very excited.”

The character of “The Flash” – albeit in another incarnation, Bart Allen – was most recently seen in an episode of TV’s “Smallville”.