What’s the fate of Veronica Mars?


Insiders with Inside information

I haven’t let out a sigh this loud since, well, the bottle-shop decided to stay open five minutes longer than usual on my 18th birthday.

“Veronica Mars”. It/she/the show will be back.

Or so says my friend Kristin over at E! Online. Ms Veitch got the down-and-dirty from some of the show’s troops who announced that the show looks like – despite reports to the contrary – it’s coming back.

“Don’t worry. It’s coming back”, says an insider.

Phew. My Bell will ring for another season. Hopefully. Looks like It.

Earlier rumours had “Mars” pegged for a soil-ridden hole. Apparently the ratings haven’t been too good for the show – that’s in America, of course, because the show doesn’t even friggin’ air here in Australia! – and as the show will moving to the CW network soon, some predicted it’ll be pushed aside in favour of some new product.

“I believe we’re going to be back,” VM executive producer Rob Thomas tells E!. “Everyone knows I put a $4,000 shower in my office, but I also kept the Veronica Mars writers an extra three weeks, and we actually have episodes one, two and three broken for next year. I’m that confident we’ll be back, and we need to hit the ground running next year.”

There’s a big change of direction planned for next season, says Thomas. “We’re going to do away with the season-long mystery and, instead, go with three long mysteries. Our first mystery would be eight episodes long, and the nice thing about it is that we give the audience more jumping-in points.”

Another change planned for next season involves making guest-star Tina Majorino (also currently co-starring on the funktastic HBO show “Big Love”) a series regular. Says Thomas, “We just adore her, and we’re already planning episodes with her. We’re going to try to make that happen, and if we don’t, it’s just because we don’t have the money, because we love her.”

The CW announces their line-up on May 18, and hopefully, if this news is anything to go by, “Veronica Mars” – which, by the way, airs its finale next week – will definitely be on it. Otherwise, I’ll strip to my Spidey undies, smother cream on my forehead and run naked through the lightning department of Bunnings Warehouse.