Dino Gal for Christmas and 77?


“Jurassic Park” star up for two new roles

We haven’t seen much of tween star Ariana Richards (“Jurassic Park”) for a while, but apparently she’s eyeing a return to the art that unravels from a noisy overhead booth.

‘Book Keeper’ tells us that the actress, now 26, is in talks for a couple of new film roles.

Firstly, she’s up for a small role in the redo of Bob Clark’s seminally cultish “Black Christmas”, joining the already-cast Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Michelle Trachtenberg, Katie Cassidy and Lacey Chabert. Looking forward to that one – if only because of those piloting it.

In addition, she’s being enlisted for Patrick Read Johnson’s “5-25-77”, about the only science-fiction obsessed teenager in a small rural town, that’s set within the day that “Star Wars” opened. John Francis Daley (“Kitchen Confidential”), Neil Flynn (“Scrubs”) and Justin Mentell (“Boston Legal”) co-star. That sounds like a goodie.

By the way. I hear the role of Lexie, the character she played in “Jurassic Park” and it’s sequel, has quite a big role in the script for the next “Jurassic Park” sequel, but unsure whether they’re going to have Richards play the character. I don’t see why not. She’d be the right age. Had quite the following from her role. And Spielberg apparently loved her. Don’t be surprised if she’s asked to return.

Thanks to ‘Book Keeper’